If you're thinking of promoting Kindle 2 ......

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If you have been seeing the hype for the new Kindle 2 coming Feb. 24, you may have thought about getting on the Amazon affiliate program and running with that 10% of $359.

Looks good, but be careful. I jumped on it, bought a website with the Kindle name, put up a landing page offering a $10 rebate, and ran Google Adwords with the Kindle name in the ad.

Well, it started to take off slowly, and my costs were not bad...then BAM!
Google says I can't use the Kindle name because of trademark issues, and the same day, Amazon says I can't use the Kindle name in my ads or have a domain with the Kindle name, OR offer rebates!

I thought I would post my experiences here, just in case anyone else was thinking along this line. I guess I should have known better. I was trying to apply what I have learned about keyword relevancy, and completely forgot about trademark issues. That never crossed my mind.

Is anyone else having success with Kindle?
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