How to tap into your inner Badass

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The Validity of the Badass

Here's what makes the badass trait so desirable:

  • A badass has an "I don't give a damn" attitude. They seem to live on their own terms, free from the social constraints that leave others feeling inhibited. Their careless attitude may seem like they really don't care about anything, but they realize that by not caring about things that don't matter, they liberate themselves.
  • Badasses are natural leaders. Confidence naturally builds trust in others. If others are uncertain, but you are 100% certain, they'll gravitate toward you.
  • Badasses get what they want. They put themselves first and in doing so, unabashedly seek out and attain what they desire. This is actually a highly positive trait to have, as long as you don't use or manipulate others to get what you want.
  • They don't tolerate BS. They don't have low self-esteem. Therefore, they have no need to tolerate bullsh**.
  • Excitement. This is, hands down, the most coveted trait of them all. Badasses, renegades, outliers, whatever you want to call them, live on the edge. They're not afraid to take risks or break the rules. Their fearlessness enables them to ignore the so-called practical requirements for living the masses prescribe to. Badasses realize that most rules are really just agreements. They don't agree that life needs to be dull, boring, drudgery. Therefore, they take risks and choose endeavors that would make others cringe.
But the most catalytic factor between the badass and the average citizen is this:
Regular People Exist, Badasses Live

Badasses arrive at the grave thoroughly used up. They aren't afraid to speak their mind or take a risk for something they believe in. The faint at heart think about taking action toward their dreams, but this type of man wastes no time hesitating.
As I said earlier, I think everyone has an inner badass. Whether yours is dormant or stirring, I think we could all be well-served to connect with this side of ourselves.
Below are some strategies for tapping into your inner rebel without a cause. But remember, the most desirable trait is living on your own terms. So follow these rules or break them; they're your agreements.

  1. Say what you mean. Don't beat around the bush. Use strong, powerful language. Avoid words like "try," "maybe," and "someday." Replace them with "will," "of course," and "absolutely." Also avoid using politically correct language. Don't dumb down your words. If you want to say "shell shock", say it! Don't say "post traumatic stress disorder."
  2. Question authority. One of the oldest living renegades, Siddhartha Gautama (also known as the Buddha) once said "Do not believe anything that you've been told, unless it agrees with your own common sense." The same advice applies 2,000 years later. Listen to yourself first, before you listen to the experts.
  3. Be independent. Don't rely on anyone else to tell you that something is possible, and don't seek anyone else's permission to do what you want. You may work synergistically within your tribe, but your sense of self does not depend on it. Your independence means that you are firmly rooted enough in your self that you don't seek validation externally.
  4. Don't tolerate BS. A renegade may be a showman and occasionally embellish circumstances, but keeping it real always comes first. The more you give into pretense and duplicity, the more you become fake. A badass may have a flare for the dramatic, but he is by no means counterfeit.
  5. Push your threshold of uncertainty. A true badass is not afraid of taking risks. Though he may have fears, he acts in spite of them. He knows that giving into fear is the mind killer. The more you give into fear, the more you give away ownership of your mind. To cultivate the renegade mindset, you must accustom yourself to act in spite of uncertainty. You're not afraid to steer off the highway and engage in unexplored terrain.
  6. Face reality head on. You don't shirk away from responsibility. While most people are whining about their problems, you see challenges as opportunities to improve and grow.
  7. Do what you want. This is crucial and really ties into the other six points. When you've fully embraced and in tune with your inner bad-ass, you develop a life that is incredibly awesome. You know that most rules are social agreements, so you have no problem pursuing your passions while everyone else is complaining that it's not practical. You know that you create your own reality, so you decide what's practical and what isn't. You realize that doing what you want is mostly a matter of discovering an intersection of your deep passion and the world's deep need. You find out how to use your unique gifts (strengths) and brain malfunctions (flaws) as opportunities to market yourself. You figure out ways to get paid to exist.
These are just a few of the major traits I've discovered of the quintessential bad-ass. Remember, even if you think you're shy or you're not made out for the prolific life, that's just your ego talking.
Your inner renegade is in there, waiting to be unleashed.How to Tap Into Your Inner Badass – Kinowear

I found this while surfing and I thought it contained a lot of wisdom. I agree with everything in this article.

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How to Tap Into Your Inner Badass – Kinowear
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