What happens when you think BIG??..

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It was once said to me that one of the traits of successful people is they have unrealistic expectations. Yet it is because of these expectations that they have become successful, a nice example being Richard Branson calling up Boeing asking if they had a spare plane for hire.

When you think big you are stretching your mind in a way that you are never quite in your comfort zone. This only became apparent when I have spoken to someone who struggles with thinking big. They express a tension over their face as they try to mentally focus on what they would like to do different that would be beyond their current level of living.

So what is thinking big? It is simply imagining what is possible without being bound by cognitive restrictions. This is when you catch yourself saying 'that wouldn't be possible' or 'there is no chance that would happen'. Whilst there are some who would say you are just being realistic, there is also the argument that by thinking big you are training your brain to feed yourself ideas constantly.

After all you think Richard Branson implements all the big ideas that come into his head? More likely he has trained to brain to think big because he knows one idea out of the 100 is going to be the one that strikes big.

Begin to see it as a multiple stage process; think big, note it, come back to it later to work out the logistics of it and if you find it is viable look to begin a small step of implementation straight away.

No one became successful thinking small because it is the big ideas that jolts us out of the automatic patterns of daily life and with us having thoughts every single day, why not make them work in our favour to make the future more exciting!

Why not try this?

1. Commit to a 3 month period;

2. every morning sit down where you feel comfortable and set your timer for 15 minutes.

3. In that 15 minutes, write down every idea that comes to you without judgement.

4. After the 15 minutes, put your pen down and get on with your day. Throughout your day become aware of ideas coming back to you and your mind formulating possibilities of how you could achieve them.

5. At the end of each week, read over the ideas you have come up with, again without judgement.

See what happens

Write down what thoughts come up for you after reading this article? What's your big idea

Aaron Morton
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    Aaron, I'm glad you included a quick set of instructions for people to carry this out.

    A lot of people I've talked to who've read Think and Grow Rich have told me their impression was the central idea is "Never give up." I disagree. To me, the central idea is "Have a big goal." The big goal will draw you on and you won't feel like giving up.
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    One way to have a BIG idea, is to have a lot of little ideas.

    You can make up in quantity what you might initially lack in quality. Eventually, the brainstorming produces a gem. We just have to shift through the rubble of ideas.

    Then take the gem and work it. Test it. If it grows, then feed it. If not, let it go and start again.

    But, any idea requires chipping away rough edges and polishing until it looks really brilliant.

    Inspiration is 99% perspiration.
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    Thanks for sharing, this is very valuable.
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    @kaniganj The 'never give up' has a heroic persona to it so unsuprising people latch on to it more than having a big goal.
    Having a big goal I also think is a skill because the first task is not rejecting it outright! The next task is being aware of the 'sub-goals' that create the path to achieving the big goal. A previous thread I commented on was someone that said he was going to be a billionaire and as long as he thought positive thoughts the universe will provide. It is great to have a big goal like that, however if an ongoing series of sub-goals are not created and focussed on, it is likely that motivation will slide and frustration will set in.

    Glad you enjoyed the article

    Aaron Morton
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    You seems learn a lot from Richard Branson. I agree, nobody became successful by thinking small.
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      Originally Posted by therenegadeleader View Post

      You seems learn a lot from Richard Branson. I agree, nobody became successful by thinking small.
      Absolutely and whilst every successful person falls into the same traps of 'self editing' as everyone else of how they did what they did, A lot can still be learnt from people like Richard Branson.

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    I love learning about famous, rich people. Talk about ambition!

    I don't really have any "realistic" goals. The only unrealistic goals I see are those not executed.


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    Hi AaronMorton,

    Good to think BIG

    First - We learn about famous, rich people what they do and what their mind Then - We have ideas and new awareness. We have big goals about what we want achieve. Everyday think positive, your happy, your accomplish something.
    Final - Never give up. Ready to grow, learn how to do it now.
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    Thinking Big and doing BIG is two different things. It goes back to the human nature thing. You have to be able to be ok being different, being uncomfortable, and, being consistent in an enviroment that will likely not nuture your ideals. I can tell you I am a big thinker and even I fail to consistently think big because my ideals are so superior to others that I lose focus sometimes. It is easier to be somewhat normal and even my definition of normal is superior to most, so, go figure.
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    Thanks Aaron,

    I like the idea of the journal as without putting pen to paper I find there is no chance of commitment.

    As a wise man once explained "if you write things down it gets the idea out of your head which then makes room for other ideas to form and take that space" or words to that effect.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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    nice share
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    thank you for sharing, this has good value.
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    Elon Musk thinks big. He is worth about 2 billion, I think, and runs or helps run an electric car company and a commercial spaceflight company. Thinking big can pay off big time!
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    Yes thinking big is the secret behind all the major successes around the world. thanks for sharing these steps for us to get into that mold.
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  • thanks for posting valuable information,,and thinking big and having big ideas will be a good thing to reach goals,,
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    Valuable information in it. Good to read such nice thoughts.
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