Can You Get Rich Giving Money Away?

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Hi Warriors

I am writing a new report on tithing as a lot of my clients are asking about it.

Currently I have reference material including Dan Kennedy, Foster Hibbard, Richest Man In Babylon.

I have also been using it myself as part of my ongoing research (in conjunction with clear goals, feeling, forgiveness and action) so would appreciate any feedback from other Warrior's experiences.

No need to give negative stories about how certain churches are using it as revenue raising or as a ticket to heaven, rather am interested in the specifics of different variations such as whether 20% is better that 10%, is %age based on net profit or total income, who you have given it to, that type of thing.

Will make the report available when finished free to all members.


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    There is reciprocal power in giving, but it has much more to with the attitude in which it's done than with the percentage of income. If you give away money in an attempt to game the powers of the universe, you ain't gonna get crap back.

    never mind me, I'm n\a

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      Originally Posted by na View Post

      There is reciprocal power in giving, but it has much more to with the attitude in which it's done than with the percentage of income. If you give away money in an attempt to game the powers of the universe, you ain't gonna get crap back.
      I could not have expressed that better myself. And I really think it is just as joyous to give as it is to receive.
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        I feel that when you give, you are also sending positive messages to the outside world and to the people who receive, of yourself and the kind of person you are. It is related to self branding and also allows others to understand who you are and what you stand for.

        When you emit positive aura and positive energies through your giving, thats when you can influence others not only to feel good that there are still good people around, you might also influence them to give also, and what they give can sometimes come your way.

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          It is related to self branding and also allows others to understand who you are and what you stand for.
          That's probably true of many who give.

          I was taught that giving comes from the heart and the desire to help - and that claiming credit for it is self serving. Those who know you can tell who you are and what you stand for by how you live.

          A "tithe" means 10% - so any other percentage would be a percentage butn ot a tithe. Someone who must budget carefully in order to tithe to a church or a charity is more impressive to me than someone who gives thousands but are so rich they don't miss it.

          An old saying - "give till it hurts" comes to mind.

          Every child needs a pet because every family needs an optimist

          Saving one dog will not save the world....but will forever change the world for one dog.
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            I find one of the important "benefits" is that when you feel that you're not in it only for yourself, then you feel you're not in it "by" yourself.
            This mindset definetely helps in business.
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              One can get rich from giving money away, but giving must be touched with a heart of love, genuine care and concern for the needs of others, the point where you give not expecting anything in return, or giving to be seen by others.

              Tithing is certainly 10% of your earning whatever else you choose to give is free willed and can be any amount you choose. As the good book says bring in all the tithes into the store house and prove me this day if i will not open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings in that you will not have room to receive it. The more you continue to give the more you continue to receive.
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                I blog about companies that are 'Socially Responsible' and give back to the community.
                This became my passion when I realized that there are a million billione eStores on the web now...each offering the widest selection and the lowest prices.

                With all of these stores marketing and advertising and trying to get the public's just becomes noise.

                My belief is that the companies who give back to society...who put a 'cause' before ROI and margins...will be the more interesting companies with more interesting stories to tell. They will be the companies that customers will tell their friends about and be more apt to return to.

                Can you get 'rich'? Rich is relative.
                But can you run a profitable business and live a comfortable lifestyle.
                I believe you certainly can, and I am always looking to read about people who are proving me right.

                If you care to, you can see the blog here: Shop For The Good
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                    you can get rich because GOD will give you more blessings

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                      this is more commenly reffered to as the law of recpriocity.

                      what goes around comes around. you reap what you sow. kharma whatever you want to call it. Its all the same thing

                      Pretty much what this means is that the more you help others reach their goals and desires first, will determine the amount of succes you will acheive.

                      The more value you can create and give away to others,the better because you will be rewarded 10 times over.

                      Give with no expectation of recieving and the laws of abundance will open the flood gates of wealth and success on to you.
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                        Originally Posted by nicholasb View Post

                        this is more commenly reffered to as the law of recpriocity.

                        what goes around comes around. you reap what you sow. kharma whatever you want to call it. Its all the same thing

                        Pretty much what this means is that the more you help others reach their goals and desires first, will determine the amount of succes you will acheive.

                        The more value you can create and give away to others,the better because you will be rewarded 10 times over.

                        Give with no expectation of recieving and the laws of abundance will open the flood gates of wealth and success on to you.
                        Exactly, to this I want to add, if you do not believe in it, it will not happen.

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                  Originally Posted by Defmall View Post

                  I blog about companies that are 'Socially Responsible' and give back to the community.
                  Just about every successful company is socially responsible, in that
                  1. They provide products and services people want
                  2. They provide jobs
                  3. They buy things from other businesses
                  4. They pay taxes

                  I reject the implication that businesses are somehow not serving society by simply doing what they do. Businesses that don't serve some public need eventually fail (unless they are propped up by government).

                  I'm not sure if that's what you meant, but I get tired of all the anti-business propaganda in the media.
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                    Sure, you can give away money easily to any charity but being rich need not be in monetary value but the richness of the mind. Sharing wealth is one thing, teaching them generosity is a greater challenge. Some of us here share this through business and tapping your potential to give back, and it is a good thing.

                    Paying it forward is a different ballgame. I believe in what Jelasco said and when you pay your taxes, I do believe some of it if not majority of it go back to people who need it the most. It's what sustains the economy and the health of a country. Now if you have too much bureaucracy in the government then that's another issue we will have to tackle in another thread. I also believe that charity begins at home. You give something to yourself before you give to others. When you accumulate enough wealth to provide a higher quality of life not just for yourself but for a community is a great achievement. You might as well start your own foundation.
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                      of course you can get rich giving but what is important is the attitude you are using to give and also on what type of ground you are sowing.

                      For example if you sow in to get returns immediately (just like some people do in my country now,giving to government to win contracts) from the source where you have sowed then that will be counter-productive but when you sow to less-priviledged people secretly, then you can be sure to reap abundantly.


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                        There is no "stipulations" or rules to giving.

                        Because of socialized standards and conditions we
                        have pretty much limited giving to "money" or "monetary" means.

                        But the universe doesn't work on those terms.

                        The true power in giving is in giving someone something
                        they need in return for nothing.

                        That can be in the form of information, money, food, a ride
                        to the bus stop, etc...

                        Basically when you do that you are putting "money in your life bank".

                        Which means you will get repayed many times more. Again don't just
                        look at it as money.

                        there has been times where I've given and then out of some lucky
                        crazy coincidence I got great media coverage, which I never would have
                        imagined how I could have got it otherwise.

                        Give other people what they want, you get what you want.

                        It's really that simple.


                        Self Actualization is one's true purpose. Everything
                        else is an illusion.

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                          Please give to a cause you find worthy.

                          This means doing requisite research, just as you would a business decision.

                          Where is your money going ... what precisely is it going to do?

                          Otherwise, you are literally throwing money away ... metaphysically, it is no better than if you were to horde the money for yourself ... it is just the other extreme.

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  • yea you can be rich by giving away money..... but still you have to know how to give out the money wisely and planned..... Give away money to people to help you gain more money, the more money you give away, the more money you get back in return....just because there must be one who give and one who recieve....

    but still you must have it before you give it ^^

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    I believe that giving with the intention of love and generosity will lead to the feeling of being rich inside and wholeness. And with the laws of attraction at work if that is where you are vibrating and your actions are in accordance with this then the act of giving is certainly going to assist in "growing a plant" of wealth
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    Many people start out tithing for different reasons -- cause they're taught to by their religious beliefs, because a friend told them it works and they should try it, etc. Even if you start out for the "wrong" reason, if you continue with it you will learn that it's a principle with a promise. The main gift you gain from tithing is FAITH -- faith that God is in control, that His universe is about abundance and that by letting go, you receive.

    I've found that the "windows of heaven" truly open when you do more than "tithe" but also give over and above in "offerings." While tithing goes back to your source of spiritual nourishment (ex: church), offerings might go to feed the hungry, help people effected by natural disasters, or helping out your favorite nonprofit cause. That's when you unlock the windows of heaven... (if you read Malachi 3:8-12 closely, you'll see both tithes and offerings are mentioned.)

    It's as if tithing schools you in the principle of faith and letting go and once you've learned via the "schoolmaster" if you're willing to step up your faith to the next level and live a higher law by giving even more, your act of letting go and trusting comes back at least 10-fold. In that passage God says, "prove me now herewith" .. .in other words... put me to the scientific test. Try it, test it, document it, prove me... and see if I don't open you the windows of heaven.

    It's my personal observation that you can't just tell people who lack faith to try this principle. They won't do it. Even if you show them documented proof. They may be willing to give some. They may even be willing to give the 10%, but if they haven't learned that everything comes from God and it is in your best interests to release it to Him completely, they won't even try going further.

    Thus by "giving for the wrong reasons" it is almost impossible to activate this level of blessings. As you can see, I could go on and on. Suffice to say, I have been immensely blessed by this principle. If you'd like to speak with me further, I'd be happy to talk with you. My email's .
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    I grew up in the Mormon religeon and tithing is a huge part of keeping true to and faithful to the church. The believed that everything would work out if you gave to the church. I am no longer a member but I feel strongly about giving. I live in New York city and some days when I am feeling in the dumps I will give a homeless person a few bucks and it really lifts my spirits. I totally believe that giving to others comes back to you tenfold.
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    Stephen, I know for sure that the spiritual law of sowing and reaping is true. I would be happy to write about my experience. Even when I was at my very lowest (I had $20 left to my name) I continued to give! If I didn't have money to give, I would give my time or skills.

    God's Word is true . . . that's the bottom line.
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    Alright i'll share a small story with you guys.

    A couple years back when i was bus boy at a restaurant, i'd normally average 10-15 bucks in tips.
    One day I was going into this store to get a few things. On the way into the store there was a couple cub scouts holding their donation cans standing by the entryway. Now these boys didn't say anything, but they did smile as people went by, but it also seemed like it had been a slow day for them. Now this was a time where i was only learning about universal laws but something amazing happened. They boys of course looked at me and smiled and i did the same only this time I said to them that i'd see them on my way back out of the store.
    I did my business in the store and on my way out, I stopped, pulled out a five dollar bill, and stuffed it into one of the boys' cans. Both of these boys were so excited that i made such donation they could not stop smiling and beaming.
    Was it any surprise that night at work I made 35 dollars, the highest amount in tips any busboy could ever have made? (and it was true, i told my boss and he was shocked) Not when you understand natural laws.

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      I haven't found any proof. All are coincidence.
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    God wants you to receive from Him as much as He wants you to give to others. He loves to give to His kids more than you want to give to your kids. I believe most people have more of a problem with receiving than they do giving.

    Receive and be blessed!
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    I LOVE this thread! Note that if one is living paycheck to paycheck and feel like they cannot give as much as they'd like that giving of yourself, your talents and your time to service can be just as valuable if not more so.

    It is easy for a person to write a check, but to give of yourself, that takes true sacrifice.
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      What's more commendable are the people who sacrificed their homes to save a nation from economic meltdowns. These are the people who invested heavily but never got profit but opted to do what is for the common good of everyone. I salute these people. It's not that they had a choice but the fact that they chose to do the right thing at this moment is a testament to the human spirit, the generosity and selflessness that some individuals can do gives others hope that they can rise above any challenge. But don't get me wrong, what happened in Wall Street lately is something we can never change and pointing fingers here and there will get us nowhere. What matters is that we have choices to build ourselves from scratch.
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    You don't have to give your money to religous institions by
    any means. I just give major tips even when they aren't deserved
    and always give money and food to someone in need.

    I never turn down a person who is homeless, bum, or whatever
    we classify them as.


    Self Actualization is one's true purpose. Everything
    else is an illusion.

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    Yes you can AND Yes you will if done correctly.

    When you give with no intention of getting, ie you give because you understand the power of giving you cannot prevent yourself from getting rich.

    You'll be rewarded with the things that you consider rich (for some it's money and for others, 'rich' means things other than money).

    When you give money you're creating a 'flow' for money -- creating a destination for money to flow to.

    Money loves to flow, and so giving is a great way to allow it to do so. You'll also be obeying one of the key laws of the universe.

    You'll become a conduit for money and richness and wealth because you'll be proof of what money does as it turns up in your life.

    Don't believe it? Either try hoarding or keep at it and see the results for yourself!
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    You can only get rich giving money away if you're NOT doing it to get rich.

    Does that make sense?
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    I used to tithe because I was
    taught I had to. It felt like another
    bill strapping me down.

    Now that I've learned that the way
    I feel sends out a vibration and will
    return to me what I put out, I had
    to change the way I felt about it.

    Now I tithe because it makes
    me feel good to give, and the blessings
    overflow into my life.

    I don't just tithe to my church, I tithe to
    where I get the most spiritual guidance
    at that time. It may be to my grandmother,
    It may be to my best friend, it may be to
    the pastor directly.

    I'm giving because I'm want to, and that makes
    a huge difference.
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    Yes you can - without a doubt! Just don't forget that at the same time you have to be receiving more than you are giving. Otherwise you will suffer the consequences of "The Law Of Subtraction"
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    The idea here is to embrace the abundance mindset. Giving away money affirms this to the universe, because you know that it is truly abundant. It is not a big deal. Plus it makes you feel good and puts you in a high vibration place.
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  • If you are looking for empirical evidence that tithing leads to a higher income, I don't think I have it.

    But I have found that when I am tithing, money is less of a problem. This is cyclical, meaning I still sometimes have money problems, but not as often.

    Your checkbook shows your priorities more than anything else. Especially when it is hard to keep it up.
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      Originally Posted by distinctionsforlife View Post

      If you are looking for empirical evidence that tithing leads to a higher income, I don't think I have it.

      But I have found that when I am tithing, money is less of a problem. This is cyclical, meaning I still sometimes have money problems, but not as often.

      Your checkbook shows your priorities more than anything else. Especially when it is hard to keep it up.
      I totally agree on this.
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    "It is more blessed to give than to receive," says the Lord Jesus. Two thousand years after He made the statement, human economic activities keep confirming the veracity of the assertion. It is actually a corollary of the Law of Seed time and Harvest time. The Philosophers refer to it as the Golden Rule, and metaphysicists call it the Law of Karma. Isaac Newton refers to it as the Third Law of Motion. The Bible also calls it the Law of Sowing and Reaping, "whatsoever a man sows that he shall also reap."

    Giving is not only restricted to money. If you want love, you must give love; if you want quality friendship, you must position yourself as a quality friend. If you want a good wife, you must make yourself a good husband, and vice versa.

    But it is not just giving. If you desire a good harvest, you must give with the mentality of a farmer. A farmer does not just give his seed to the ground, but he sows it. He tends the ground to keep off weed. And not only just sows his seed, a farmer has an expectation, which is to reap a harvest. Because he is expecting a harvest, he sows quality seed in a good ground.

    So are our lives. We are creatures of seed-sowing. We are continuously sowing, consciously or inadvertently, purposefully or carelessly. And we reap what we sow.

    Are you sowing quality seed in a good ground? Are you tending the ground of your heart to produce bountiful harvest for you in life?

    Adiari, Captain.

    See the conclusion of this article titled "Your Thought versus The Law of Sowing and Reaping" in my blog:
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      Ryan Healy wrote a post about tithing that I thought was interesting: Should You Tithe When You're Broke?

      He explains how, according to the OT law, a tithe isn't required on all income.

      So I think that the percentage or amount should be determined by the person and how much they feel led to give.

      For me it sometimes feel like a weight is being taken off my shoulders when I give money away and it helps create a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity.

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    I have a mother who's got a heart of a servant, she loves to help in times of need, specially when its financially, and now she's in so much debt.

    Sherwin J

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      In my humble opinion, it's how you feel about the process and what is going on in your subconscious that matters.

      It's easy to tithe and feel as mentioned previously that it is just another weekly expense.

      You have to search within yourself as to what are your rules and beliefs about giving in any form. What subconscious thoughts are triggered every time I do this? Sometimes, to answer this is not so obvious, however if you find yourself next time in a moment of giving, be CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of what is going on SUBCONSCIOUSLY! Sounds wierd I know.

      I bet if you do this you will understand exactly why you respond the way you do to giving and why other things based around money show up in your life in other areas!

      You may need to change your subconscious thoughts to get a different outcome!
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    The tithe has to be 10%, because the word "tithe" means "tenth". However, you can give above and beyond the tithe, which then becomes an offering. There are also "alms", which is giving to the poor. We don't give to get, but we do give out of love. I don't believe anyone can really give without love for a person or a cause.
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      I have my doubts as to whether or not you can get rich by giving money away- even from a religious perspective(And I am religious). I believe it's how you go about defining being rich. Personally, I don't much care for the word "Rich"- it comes across as cheap. I prefer the word wealth, and there are many ways to define wealth. Not only in monetary gains, but also, for me, I count family and friends- impacting society in a positive way. So if you are looking to to become wealthy- then I absolutely believe that the more you give, the more you will recieve. Living a wealthy life is about increasing your value to society and when your motives are also in order, it's just a wow kind of moment. Wealth will pour out of you onto others. And you will see your life become a serene lake of magnificent beauty.
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    Ha did anyone else think of "Incentive" websites - Where you earn money to give people money?
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      I've heard about and read the story of how John D. Rockefeller used to hand out dimes to people on the street back in the day.

      I'm certain that wasn't the only way he was able to amass and re-generate his fortune, but I believe it was one of the ways he gave back to the community.

      There's no doubt that he gave away more than dimes as part of his philanthropic endeavors as do most wealthy people today.

      The idea being to keep the money in circulation and not stagnant somewhere where it is not serving a purpose.

      I've tithed money many times and have seen people's faces light up at the generosity I bestowed on them with no expectation of being reciprocated.

      In fact, a couple of days ago I gifted money to a young woman who apparently didn't have any money to board a bus I was riding in.

      Another woman who was waiting with her at the bus stop for a different bus, was kind enough to give her the bus fare.

      After getting on the bus, she proceeded to ask various passengers if she could borrow their cell phones to make a call, to which they and myself replied in the negative.

      I was unable to let her use my phone since it wasn't working at the time.

      But, noticing how desperate she was, I felt a nudge within to reach into my pocket and give this woman some money.

      Just before getting off the bus at my stop, I handed her $20 dollars and a calling card that I had inserted into one of the bus schedules.

      She, was no doubt taken aback by my gesture and had no clue why I was handing her a bus schedule with a smile on my face, and thanked me.

      Needless to say, I exited the bus without saying a word to her, and felt satisfied that at least she would find some comfort in whatever circumstance she may have been experiencing that day.

      I felt a good vibes after that incident and was grateful to have been able to help someone in need when I really didn't have to.

      So, giving money or being of service to others with one's time is a wonderful gesture that can certainly return big dividends.

      Perhaps, even more so when it is done anonymously.
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    In his book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles talks about the notion of undertaking every task from the perspective of how you can best serve others in this present moment. It's that intent which sets the tone or frequency of vibration that you are then emitting. You can attract prosperity and wealth or riches by giving or tithing, but only if the spirit in which you are doing so is grounded in the vibration of helping or serving others. If your intention is grounded in making yourself rich, then I believe you're vibrationally misaligned and the process will not work -- because in that case you are giving for the wrong reason.
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      I give away money. It's a good virtue I am taught. But I never find any scientific proof that one can get rich by giving money away. All are saying if you give money away then the universe will return you. But there is no proof or logic how the universe will return. Science believes in logic.

      Beside that in our society those who are really rich like Bill Gates, I never heard they have been rich by giving away money. They are rich because they know well how to receive money from others in exchange of their products or services. They are not rich for giving away money even though they give money away much. Here giving away money is not the cause to become rich.

      You will hear these types of talks in the mouth of people like you and me who are not rich and want to be rich. And we have learned all these so called laws from some self development gurus who are not rich like the top rich men in our society. These gurus always encourage us to give. And they are either living on our money or building their dreams on our money. How will a beggar can teach you how to be rich? Why not any of these gurus in the list of top rich men? It seems a blind man is showing path to other blind man.

      We go to them and suffer all the discomfort in the hope of spring - a better life. But we are getting sick and tired of so called "GURUS" scamming people. They are silently stealing all our crops like rat.

      Only True wealthy men can teach us how to be rich, not these so called gurus who never can make lots of money except his teaching sales. If giving money away makes a man rich then why not these gurus give away all their money to us and become richer? If giving money away could make a person rich then they would ask us to participate their self development courses and give us some money instead of taking our money.

      I am not against giving away money. And I donate. I like it. It's a noble virtue. But there is no scientific proof that one can be rich by giving away money. Again, here giving away money is not the cause to become rich. In order to be rich we need to know well how to receive money in exchange of our products or services.

      (Comments welcome. But your comment has to has logic. No coincidence example please.)
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    nice discussion..thanx
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  • Profile picture of the author Li Weng
    I think it really depends on your mentality when you're giving.

    If you give with the intention of receiving, then it's probably not going to work well. But if you give with the intention of sharing something good for everyone, then it'll work. It's all about having the abundance mentality.

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  • Profile picture of the author Trandanos
    Yes I think it has has to be given from a place of feeling good about yourself and wanting to help others without ever expecting anything in return. The theory is that the more you are able to give then it stands to reason you have more than enough money coming in.

    I sponsor 2 children from World Vision overseas and the personal satisfaction I get from doing this is tremendous. Receiving letters and photos from them and how much they appreciate my donations really lifts my spirits.
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    • Profile picture of the author dsanchez
      Li Weng, I agree with you 100%.

      Just the feeling of being able to give is wonderful, especially if you do it to help others without expecting anything in return. In my case, even though I love when I receive something, nothing compares to giving.

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    • Profile picture of the author naruq
      It is comes from your heart and love, I absolutely believe that you can grow rich. However, it is not just growing rich materially. In my opinion, you will develop better relationships, health and peace of mind. You should not be given with strings attach. For example, some people will say if I give x-amount of dollars I want y to happen to me.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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  • Profile picture of the author spressnell
    Cause and effect--what goes around, comes around.


    Hidden Ways to Wealth--clear away the “gunk”
    about money using innovative energy tools

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  • Profile picture of the author todd wetzelberger
    yes, give w/o expectation of receiving. that is true nature of giving. My caveat when giving beyond an individual or family is that that an organization show demonstrated track record of good stewardship w/ money. habitat for humanity comes to mind.
    beat crooked banksters and shady debt collectors
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  • Profile picture of the author kcarrco
    I started tithing almost ten years ago out of desparation. I had no job, no self confidence, bad health, no home, bad credit, bad relationships, no peace of mind, eviction notices. just misery. Now the Lord blessed with more than enough, peace of mind, wisdom, favor, love, joy, comfort, righteousness, answers to problems, solutions, guidance, healing, hope, knowledge, protection, provision, foresight, understanding and many more blessings that money can't buy. Now traveling to abroad. GBU.
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  • Profile picture of the author jjcool33
    great post i learned a lot
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  • Profile picture of the author jayden.fellze
    I truly believe that if you give some more you'll receive some more, just don't expect. Sometimes, people would try to give something and expect something in return. It usually rolls on their mindset, but if you really have the heart for giving especially to those who truly needs, then there will come a time when you'll receive double.
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  • Profile picture of the author fahadabrarkhan
    When you give you feel good. When you feel good, you are using the law of attraction to bring more goodness into your life. Feeling good attracts more good feelings, increase your work performance and motivates you to do more work. It starts a "feeling good" cycle.

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  • Profile picture of the author coachmike
    For me, giving money is about the attitude I have in giving and the reason for my giving. If I'm giving just to get, then I've got the wrong attitude. If I'm giving to be generous and help others, then my attitude is right.

    If a "tithing" is the specific reason for giving, then 10% is the amount to give and it is to a source of spiritual inspiration or support you've received. Is it 10% of your net profits, gross profits, annual income, or what? I think that's a personal choice you have to make. I've tithed for years on gross income. I've experienced great blessings and success in doing so.

    Attracting Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth,
    Coach Mike
    "BEST WSO Offer for Mind Warriors - Increase Profits & Change your Life!"
    > > ---> <--- < <
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  • Profile picture of the author Tom Sindoni
    Give and you shall receive.
    Give without expectation.
    Give of your money, give of your time.
    Give anonymously.
    Just Give.

    Joe Vitale's book "The Greatest Money making Secret is History" is a great read.
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  • Profile picture of the author minitg
    It is in Giving that you Receive. By giving money away, you are making someone's life better, u may develop a trusting relationship with them & that could go a long way and the favor will be reciprocated by that person or another.

    Along the same line if you are selling a product and is it beneficial to your customers/clients, you have impacted their life by giving them something useful and you in turn receive payment for the product or service and others will reach out to you for your product as well and you accumulate wealth in that regard.
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