Can you give me advice on what should i sell on Linkedin?

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Hello, i currently have Linkedin account with 350+ connections and i am into 50 groups.I am Web Designer, Video Editor, Photo Editor and SEO Expert, what is the best service to sell on LinkedIn and how should i do it??
Im thinking to make a web site about my video editing service and to promote it as a service for making business videos for promoting and as a commercials.
What do you think about that?
Any advice is welcome , you can add me on linkedin if you want Dario Osmancevic - Bosnia and Herzegovina | LinkedIn .
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    That will be a great idea. As soon as you finish creating your website start promoting it online. You've got good number of connections on LinkedIn make use of it. You may also extend your promotion to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter so that it will be easy for you to find client
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    Hi Dario - to sell the services you mentioned is entering into quite a crowded market. You only have to look on to see that there are countless offers in each of the categories you name for $5 (not really enough to make a living it seems).

    Even if this sounds self serving, I really think that the trend online is moving to short animated video clips.

    That is actually one of the reasons we are about to release - a software that allows you to create incredible animated presentations and videos.

    You could use our tool to create short animated product demo videos for people on your linkedin list. Everyone is searching for this at the moment.

    PowToon is drag-and-drop simple and the results are incredibly professional, so if you get into the Alpha you can start offering your services right away.

    Amazing new software coming soon!! Wanna make a killer sales video?? Sign up for the Beta right now.
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    best way to sell is visual imo. Uplaod interesting visuals that will make people take interests in you.
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    Best way is to sell SEO services..
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    Thanks on advices guys, i know about guys on fiverr, but honestly, they just find some template on internet and use it in Adobe After Effects and just change the text, i hope that real business people can understand what real video editing and ad's making is.
    Your tool seems interesting, it would save me a lot of time, but i can't see any information on how to purchase it nor how much does it cost.I have singed up for beta tester, i hope that i could maybe get beta to test it out .
    Do you have any success selling those presentations online?How do you reach people?Just leave your link on, for example, groups on LinkedIn or you contact each potential customer by your self?
    Thanks everyone!
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    Also, what do you think about selling leads?Back in past, i used to work as a afilliate manager, i was running about 10 web sites all in different niches, and i have a lot of opt in leads, not just e-mail leads, but i have all information like name, address and phone.
    What do you think can i sell that and how?
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    Yes, yourself.

    Whatever service you provide, what you're really selling is YOU, and your commitment honesty integrity professionalism ..... that's what people are really looking for. Not just another service provider, but someone who actually stands behind their service.

    One way to do this, is start offering to do a few jobs for FREE in exchange for a positive testimonial. That's a great way to start building a reputation on Linkedin.

    You can do it. Good luck.
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