The 4 Giants That Attempt To Block The Doorway To Success...

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Let me paint a picture for you... We each go through our days as employees or business owners. Every single one of us has had a unique set of experiences that sculpts our inner mind differently.

We each at some point in life was introduced to 1 of the 4 giant fears that hold 97% of the population from living their fantasy life. Let's get something out of the way. Every one of us wants to be rich.

Don't ever let anyone say, "I don't care about money, its all about happiness." That person would take 10 million dollars handed to them on a platter any day of the week. Money would solve a lot of YOUR and MY problems right about now.

So back to the fears... If you are not wealthy right now... There was a time in your life when you had a negative experience with one or all of these 4 fears.

1. Fear of failure
2. Fear of rejection
3. Fear of criticism
4. Fear of rejection

I'll give you an example even though this is embarrassing to admit. When I was in the 7th grade I played on the basketball team. There was a moment where I faced fear #1, and 3 at an extreme proportion.

I remember it like it was yesterday... I was put in the game. I was on offensive and had the ball passed to me. I took a couple of dribbles and shot... I made my first shot of the season and felt like a super star.

So here comes the moment... Our team has the ball again and one of our players misses the shot. Some where in my mind I thought that I was supposed to take the ball down court instead of putting the ball back up. So here I go... Dribbling the ball the wrong direction at full speed.

I almost make it to half court and look around me to realize that no one is following me. I realize at that moment that I am going the wrong way. I felt like the biggest idiot in the world. I was more embarrassed then I had ever been in my whole life. Lucky for me this was a away game, lol.

I felt like hiding under the biggest rock I could find and never playing basketball ever again. It felt terrible. For the next week straight I hear it from my team mates about running the wrong direction. They criticized me and teased me continuously. I kept playing. I realized that I made a mistake and I survived. Fears can't kill you but they can paralyze you from not facing them again.

I realized from that day forward that emotions can be terrifying and actually can paralyze a person for their whole life. I started at a early age to ask my family members about why they all stuck to jobs they just tolerated and I got answers that were highly questionable.

I realized that they had the fear of failure and fear of uncertainty hovering over them and keeping them in place. They were afraid deep down inside but had to much pride to ever admit it. I learned from a top marketer after going through coaching that the main reason why people make little to nothing online is because they are afraid to connect with others.

It links back to the 4 fears. For most, these fears are giants who tower into space. Calling a complete stranger on the phone and connecting with them will bring excuses from 98% of people online. Why?

They think... What if I fail? What if that person rejects me? What if they criticize me and cuss me out? What will the outcome be? Even if on the surface you say that is not me. If you are not doing it then your sub-conscious is terrified of the 4 fears.

It makes perfect sense to be terrified of giants who can pound you into paste. Leaders are leaders because they fight the giants even if they are scared to death. Public speaking is above death on biggest fears because it involves all 4 fears. Each time you connect with someone its like your speaking on stage to that person.

I have found that its best to fight these giants even if you are the size of a ant and your fears are the size of mountains. In the beginning it will be the most horrible emotional experience that you could ever imagine. You will face some painful emotions that leave you crushed initially.

You will become more comfortable facing these fears after repetition. In the beginning it will literally seem like you can die from doing this. YOU MUST GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE or else you will be condemned to the life you currently live.

So how do you step out of your comfort zone for marketing?

1. Connect with people that have a potential problem that you can solve by leveraging the internet and driving traffic to a lead capture page. (Don't hunt people because that turns most people off. Have people come to you by leveraging manually powered traffic or paid traffic.)

2. Build rapport with a person by personally contacting them. Yes, you can actually pick up a phone and call someone. Get to know that person a little before you talk business. (Build rapport) Ask that person a series of questions to identify their goals and aspirations.

Learn what they want out of life and what they are willing to do to get it. (Its a little bit more than that but that is a summary. I paid coaching to get the details.)

3. Connect that person to a solution in the form of a product or service that will help them solve that problem. If they go all in with you give them some personal attention and help them succeed.

People do business with people that they know, like and trust. With this internet world being full of hypey promises it will always make you stand out when you take the time to get to know somebody, identify their problem and provide them with a customized solution.

The moral of this thread is to FACE YOUR FEARS or you will not be able to make the mental shift into the leadership role. The more you face your fears the bigger you will grow until one day you will hover over them. Speed of implementation is important. Take massive action daily towards your goals...

I wanted to leave this short clip of Rocky that has a important message he gave to his son. Enjoy...

rocky balboa / father son - YouTube
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