Share and celebrate your success!

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Hey guys,

I just thought of this now: Let's share and celebrate success or positive experiences in this thread!

Also, I would ask that you please avoid sharing anything negative.

There's no question that when people share success stories (whether big or small) it keeps us motivated! So, what success have you achieved?

I'll start:

I lost 30 pounds nearly effortlessly last year
I got myself out of a dire financial circumstance in less than 3 weeks
I feel FAR more resilient than I have before
I am now convinced that failure is impossible for me.
I did a $600 gig, but was paid an additional $400
I'm now doing what I love
I helped my best friend lose 130 pounds in 18 months
I helped several people on the WF end some of their procrastination habits
I noticed I have more confidence, and am more willing to take risks
I am far more relaxed about my life and future (I don't take life as seriously as before)
I consistently feel more positive than negative throughout my day (this didn't happen overnight)

So.... what success or positive experiences have you had? Please share them!!
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