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I just finished Rich Dad, Poor Dad a few weeks ago. It had such a profound impact on me that I immediately went out and got Robert Kiyosaki's other two books.

If you haven't read it, you should. It's more of a mindset book in my opinion than an actual how-to make money book, but if you're on WF, then you're certainly open to passive income activities.

He recommends network marketing, which I like ok, but I think maybe Internet marketing could very well replace that section of his book...

Anyone else read the book? It's been around for a while - since the 90s i think.
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    i read the book too .... it great and what i like the most in this book
    Don't Ever Work For Money, Let the Money Work For you

    >You Already In Pain
    >>You Already in Hurt
    >>>Get A Reward From IT

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    A good work...

    Another one you may consider reading is The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco.


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    Yes, that is a great book. One of my favorites. Early 2000 was when it was released from what I have seen. You could easily replace network marketing with internet marketing as long as you are doing something that can earn you a passive income.
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    • I have read pretty much all of Robert Kiyosaki's books. While I do not agree one hundred percent with all of his ideas I do agree how he changes peoples mind set on money.

      I totally agree with the aspects of generating residual income and have found online marketing a great way to set up multiple residual income streams.

      Rather than investing in real estate or stocks I follow my grandfathers advice and invest in people. I have had the great opportunity to invest some of my earnings in other people. It has always payed off in great dividends.

      What do I mean by investing in people? Well I will give you a quick example. I happened upon a person who was a fantastic welder but lacked the start up capital to go out on her own. By setting up an agreement with her I supplied her start up capital plus some business advice and direction. Our repayment plan had her paying back my investment in five years while I would still maintain a share of her business getting yearly profits if the business did well. Her business did phenomenally well and my intial investment was paid off in 3 years. She has since expanded her business which has expanded my yearly returns.

      I think the main points you can get from the Rich Dad Poor Dad series is:
      1.) You should use your money to make money. Also know where you are in the cash flow quadrant.
      2.) Surround yourself with other successful people (Rich Dad Poor Dad Mastermind groups are great)
      3.) Pay Yourself First.

      These are just my thoughts, hopefully you find them helpful.


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    I have to say I agree that Robert Kiyosaki really did get me thinking, rich dad/poor dad is a great philosophy especially when you consider his message of building assets instead of liabilities and understanding the financial model of success or to be financially educated.

    That being said I feel where Robert Kiyosaki in my view spoke specifically about material gain, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has a very enlightening overarching philospophy based upon our very own inspiriation and desire. If you gained from reading Robert Kiyosaki then you should definitely check out Napoleon Hill :-)
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    Yea, I have read this a few times, and also the rest of his books... they are excellent!

    Here are a few others to check out...

    Think and grow rich,
    How to win friends and influence people,
    The 4 Hour Workweek,
    the 7 habits of highly effective people,

    The list goes on and on....

    Powerful Internet MarketingPowerful Internet Maketing

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    I bought a digital copy. I need to finish it...

    It is quite good so far.
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    Yes I read it . I think his ideas can be applied to any business not just Internet marketing. Besides I think you can also apply Internet marketing strategies to market a network marketing business as well. My favourite is Before You Quit Your Job. Good solid advice on planning your cash flow, business strategy that works.

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    It's a great book. But I don't agree with Network marketing Stuff. What we need to do is "pay first yourself" and Make a passive income by investing money.

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    I read the book in 2010. It's a life changing ebook. Helped me stop been so dependant on my parents. I think we can subtitute IM for the business view. The opportunities, heaven is falling and all those stuffs has a virtual like online these days
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    This is a great book with lot of insights into how to save money without living a miserable life. this is a great book with lot of insights into how to save money without living a miserable life.
    Was this review helpful to you?
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    He did another book with donald Trump called 'Why we want you to be rich'
    It follows on from 'rich dad, poor dad' but throws a different perspective.
    Great read.

    Vic Alexander

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    When Rich Dad, Poor Dad came out then followed by the rest of the series like Cashflow Quadrant - I was "glued" to the books reading into the nights/wee hours.

    Rich Dad lead me to many other great reads like The E-Myth.

    But the E-S-B-I model of the Cashflow quadrant made me realize the different mindsets of the Employee, Self-Employed etc. And for the past 5 years has been working hard on changing that to where I want/am today So am grateful for these books.
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    Yeah, I have read it too. It is more to concept rather than teaching you step by step how to make money. A good book =))
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    I've heard quite a bit about this book but never actually read it.
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    Yes. I agree with you. It's more of a mindset tool than an actual method to income. Great reading though.
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    I just bought the book, thanks for the recommendation
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      Cashflow Quadrant is a really great book!

      Although it is true that this kind of matterial is commonly used at mlm !

      Knowledge is power! ;)

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    this is a nice book to read
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    This book change my life! Let me know we live in information age! Say No to traditional education!
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      I've read the book and thought it was great but network marketing is a very tough business to get into. I'm sure there is business models here in the forum that most are better suited for.
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    It is really good book. I learned on that book about assets and liabilities. Build assets whenever you can and if you want to buy something use the money generated by the assets.
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    Haven't read the book yet but it seems very interesting one. Thanks for the recommending it!
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      "The more communication out, the more money in"

      Back when I read that, something clicked inside. The simplicity is just priceless.

      I always go back to that, and it paid a million times over...
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    Sorry to say, but R Kiyosaki has been outed as a bit of a fraud.

    But I acknowledge people find inspiration in what he has to say, which they find to be energizing in a positive way. Which is good. Just don't follow everything he has to say to the letter.
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    I read RDPD a few years ago and it has changed my life.
    Robert kiyosaki's business school and Business of 21st century is what I think rules my book library.
    Sell Dreams, Not Products
    - Steve Jobs
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