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I've been thinking. Do some people use it as an escape when they say that they need to find themselves? Then you have others who say that they have to find God or that they have found God, not necessarily in a burning bush of course. These people tend to be ridiculed and targeted by others who don't understand. What does it take to go to a mountain top and sit there for days meditating and trying to find yourself?

Well, first of all it takes courage. David Icke showed that kind of courage when he made his intentions and opinions clear. "I like Icke." He was already a recognised celebrity with the BBC as a top sports presenter so he didn't do it for any kind of status or publicity stunt. In 1990 he declared publicly on the Terry Wogan chat show the he was "The son of God" and he was absolutely right if that is what he truly believes in his heart. But he was ridiculed for that statement and went from being a well respected presenter to almost nothing in no minutes flat.

Why should this happen? I would say it probably comes down to a lack of understanding and fear based prejudices that most of us have held at sometime in our lives. Ok, this is an extreme example. However it is these very prejudices, I believe, that holds humanity back from the evolution which will eventually come whether we like it or not. James Redfields Celestine Prophecy and insights wasn't just a story.

Anyway, back to the finding yourself or finding God. Here is the secret, or what I should say many consider to be a secret. You will never find yourself or God, not even in a burning bush by looking for the answers outside of yourself. You have the answers to all that ever was, ever is or ever will be inside.

It's that little voice that you barely hear or ever listen to that is constantly trying and striving to be heard. It's the whisper that guides you to do the things that will help you progress and allow you to deal more easily with challenges. It's the internal radar system that gives you the course to take and avoid the bad weather that you might be heading into.

Now you might be asking yourself, how do you know and what makes you an authority on all of this. The truth is, I am not an authority on this and I don't have all the answers. The contrasts and challenges we face in life are different for everyone. What I can tell you is this: I now listen to that inner voice and it's my number one guidance system. Not so long ago I failed to listen and ignored every warning signal that was placed before me. I thought I knew better, I made decisions based on fear of what others would think. In short, I got myself into a situation that was a living nightmare that I could find no respite from.

This is broadly the base for my book "Orion & The Wildcat" which was published last September. In this book I may risk being open to ridicule, either because of the way I have chosen to tell the story or because of the content. I feel like I failed. I failed myself, I failed my kids and I failed my family. That's a whole lot of failure to deal with. Failure that could have been avoided, had I taken the time to listen to that little voice with the good advice. However, I will share all of those parts, even the ones that are uncomfortable so that others may avoid the pitfalls I found myself in. Let me make it crystal clear, I am not a victim nor do I feel sorry for myself. I made some unwise decisions and judgments and had to pay a price for them.

The other important point in all of this is ~ there is no one else to blame except myself. It's usually easy to find someone else to blame for your mistakes, misfortunes or ill advised actions. However in most cases, if we are really honest with ourselves, we find that we create all that happens in our lives. We have to take responsibility for the decisions we make even those decisions we allow others to influence through fear. The blame game is not an option for the progressive life.

Ultimately, FORGIVENESS is the key. Not only to forgive others for their part in events but more importantly to forgive yourself. As Marrianne Williamson said "Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness." All too often we forgive others but forget that we are also allowed to forgive ourselves.

Just one more thing... You have never failed until you have given up.

Orion & The Wildcat | When to end a relationship

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    Yes, never give up.
    Thanks for sharing =))
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    Failure is part of success. Study successful entrepreneurs and you will know that they failed before they were successful.

    The title of this thread caught my eye because it is something I believe in strongly: NEVER GIVE UP!

    Thanks OP. Good post.
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    I have been reading David Icke's books and watching his videos for years. I never knew his career prior to what I was exposed to. It took a lot of courage to be in the public eye already and make the claims he has made.
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      "You have never failed until you have given up"

      Amazing quote!
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    I still have not given up. Maybe I will give up... in 1 trillion trillion trillion trillion years. I hope I don't then though. Lolololol.
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    that's realy motivational thanks,
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    I don't even know the word GIVE UP!
    Ask Cancer victims who are true fighters of not giving up!
    A little off topic but you get the idea....
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    In the words of many artists " don't stop, get it, get it!"
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    I don't think that everyone is cut out for this industry. If you really think about it, unconsciously not everyone is ready to succeed. Many deep down inside believe that money is the 'root' of all evil.

    So for those who only are here half hearted, giving up can free up alot of energy in their lives.

    Now for those who really have their hearts in this industry, you have to stick to the course that you have started. There is a learning curve. No real failure.
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    Thanks to everyone who responded here and I sincerely hope that you never give up!

    Rory. If you are talking about the IM industry then that is only one very small aspect of the true nature of the meaning of this post. It's more about the broader aspects of life in general and never giving up on anything that you do even if that means taking a slight detour or a change in plans....
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    It depends on what you are giving up on. If you have spent years following the same strategy to get to a goal because you believe in some way it is going to make you happy, then it would probably be an idea to give up on the current way you are attempting to achieve your outcome.
    The term 'Never give up' is such an absolute, I tend to want to replace it with 'act-get feedback'

    Aaron Morton
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