Looking for an accountability partner

by kingfu
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Would anyone be interested in partnering with me as an accountability partner for a daily/bi daily check in via email?

We'd call each other on each others BS excuses in failures to meet our pre set goals in whatever areas we're looking to improve.

If you're up for it let me know!

#accountability #partner
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    I would be interested as we can both help other in achieving success. PM me
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    Have sent pm. If anyone else is interested let me know!
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      I'm definitely interested... Sometimes I procrastinate, especially since I work near a gaming console . It would be cool to have a fellow comrade on the IM journey, keeping me on my toes.

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        subten101 my pm to you didn't send as didn't realise you needed 50 posts to pm. Could you pm me your email addy?

        kayebee, sent you an email mate but it bounced back, could you resend me your email again as there might of been a typo in it?
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    Wow, im interested in this as well, but too bad I cannot PM yet...
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