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As with many Internet Marketers, I started off burning the midnight oil and being the 'only one' who understood my ambitions. Working tirelessly, I tried to be all things to all aspects, managing my own hosting, my own development, my own mailing lists etc. etc. but then it all changed...

In November 2011, I attended a conference where I discovered the meaning of clarity and suddenly my world opened up.

I reached out in a meaningful way to anyone who would listen, I opened my ears to those who would talk and my network grew incredibly and in a rapid timespan.

Suddenly, I discovered that people actually wanted to help me succeed and I found that reciprocal help really pushed my intentions forward however, it seems that there is a time or a limit to reciprocal arrangements as everyone also has their own agendas to maintain.

therefore enter stage 3 where you actually develop longer term relationships with a select few from the previous stage and discover common goals to work together towards mutual success.

This is an amazing moment when you can achieve this harmony of minds because then your world is opened up to incredible possibilities.

If you are still trying to achieve alone, reach out and connect, there is a world of people waiting and wanting to help. Understand the strength of a team and recognise your own strengths that can give value to your new Joint Ventures.

There is of course a stage 4 and maybe a stage 5 but that is for a different post I reckon, for now, if you are not already, I cannot urge you enough to reach out & connect for your own future and growth.

If you are wondering where to start, then of course you could pick one or two like minded people posting on here and try a PM but that is perhaps not the best way in most circumstances. A better way is to find a Skype Group where people hang out and these are often offered as bonuses to WSO Promotions. Also, just get posting on here and others will reach out & connect with you so there are 3 ideas to get you started...

...are you still here? Go, Go, Go!

Reach Out & Connect!
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    The more time I spend on IM the more I realize networking would certainly help you succeed faster and keep it interesting.

    I usually like to work alone on my projects. But I need to start making an effort to talk more about IM with other like minded people. You never know, you may meet people who have the same attitude and ambitions as you.

    Never hurts to be part of hardworking/passionate groups!
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