Fellow Warriors: Please Help Making This Application a 100% Success

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Dear fellow warriors,

First of all, happy Easter!

I am currently preparing a self recording video to apply for a self-improvement conference. I can be as creative as I want to be as long as I answer the questions stated in my video.

It is very competitive (or so they say) to get a place for the conference so I would like to stand a much better chance by making an eye catching video while still looking professional.

The very last thing I would want to do is to bore the conference organizers (interviewers) to death. Yet I am not going to commit myself into too much work to prepare this video that I waste the time that could have been spent on my studies and business ventures.

Therefore, I would very much appreciate your ideas, input and advice.

Thank you.

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    Video creation is one of my passions, and self-improvement is a niche I very much believe in and support, so I very much applaud your efforts. As a frequent speaker at conferences, I also have some background in what would appeal to an audience.

    What are the parameters of the competition, who is your audience, and what is your objective in participating in the competition?

    3 questions that would influence my suggestions to you in this effort.

    Looking forward to your reply, and to supporting you in your endeavor!

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    Thanks Lory for the quick post on an Easter Saturday! I will send you a PM shortly.

    Looking forward to talk to you soon.


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