For the first Time my Micro Site Made $2.8 Google ads

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My Site have been making bellow $1 a day..To my biggest surprise today, its $2.8.....Just to share my observation, I noticed that its now on no 3 first page of Google search. The key word is (Florida Unemployment Compensation) in case you may want to confirm....I am really happy...i think if i should get one more site , may be i should be looking at probably $4 a day. I presumed. Another thing about my site is, i also use Exact keyword on the Domain
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    Good for you man! Keep up the effort!

    Knowledge is power! ;)

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    Thats awesome man. How Long has it Been up and how much do you Work on its Traffic Per Day?
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    Sounds good mate.. Congrats.. Shouldn't be too long till you start making at least $10 a day
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    this is a good share
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  • Thanks for the share! I also have adwords coupons if you want to drive more traffic. PM me.
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    congrats !!!!u did great....
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    I don't see your keyword on page 1 though.
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    Depends what google site that person is using. If you are really currious why not use ranktreacker to confirm her position.

    Anywho congrats on the bump in adsense revenue. Now scale up and add more keywords to your arsenal.
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    congrats!!, may i know, how much you spent for backlink? do you use fiverr for backlinks?
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    Congratulations! Keep it up. ^^
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    The first sale is so exciting because it is a confirmation of our efforts. The brain needs it. Congratulation .. it's the start ... and it's an important step.
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