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I just wanted to share this with everyone even though it's not my own success story. It's inspirational and highlights something that no one ever pays attention to for some reason.

First, the link: Maria Murnane Success Story on Amazon (there's no affiliate ID in there...I left the URL long as proof)

Second, the quote that caught my attention:

It took years of hard work and rejection, but I finally got the call I'd always dreamed of, and it came from Amazon. They've been there for me every step of the way and believed in me and my work from the start.
Years of hard work. Years of rejection. She tried time after time after time and people kept telling her that what she was doing wouldn't work, that people were done with it, and that she should give up. Sound familiar? Scroll up and down, above and below this post, and you'll see the trumpets blaring about how this doesn't work or that's dead or (my personal favorite) I NEED MONEY NOW!!!

This lady that Amazon is promoting on the front page of their site has a cool success story highlighting her hard work. I really hope a lot of people pay attention to that.

-- j
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