Are You Dreaming Too Much?

by WebPen
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I think that it's really tempted sometimes to get caught up in thinking big, dreaming about what you want, etc.

I know that this is said 1000 times a day on this forum, but you've got to pull the trigger at some point.

Is planning good? Of course.

Is dreaming big a great thing to do? Yeah.

But you have to remember that giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. didn't get there just by dreaming big.

They would dream a little, make it happen, then dream bigger from there.

Stand on the shoulders of giants- your own giants! In other words, get some success under your belt, then you'll be more likely to reach that bigger dream.
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    Thats nice Justin! Action is the best thing we can do to materialize our dreams. Once I heard Eben Pagan saying "The rarest and most valuable ACTION is intentional repetition". Most of the people just not get there, which is the difference between a success & failure!
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    Dreaming ahead is the key to any success.. but it still isn´t going to buy your Ferrari or dream house.

    If you think about how many people have a big idea, you´ll come to the conclusion that almost all people have a big idea.

    Think about the ratio of people who have an idea vs the people who have the same idea and take massive action.

    Probably 1 out of every 30 follows through his plan the way he should. Those are the warriors! It doesn´t matter whether or not they succeed with their first attempt, but they keep going as long as they make it.

    The key mindset is to always focus on what is possible, and what you can do.

    Focusing on things you cannot control is a complete waste of energy - DO NOT DO IT!
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    Dreaming and write it down on paper then make it work.
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    If you dream Big,do something with it,or the mind says 'Whats the point,he never does anything with my ideas' and stops sending them out.

    Thats what I heard anyway
    Its dark but...I glow!
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    1) Dream big
    2) Set goals
    3) Implement actions
    4) Enjoy results
    5) Repeat process
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    I like that one too, you know what, I think its true. I think its important to stay in the present, beause its this that forms your future.
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    Yeah for sure dream is necessary first step and after that it's our jobs to make our dreams into realities. But it seems to me success just doesn't knock on one's door the minute you set out to try. Of course there are exceptions but as a rule, we put in elbow grease always. Perseverance seems to be the one thing that happened to all those who became successful. It's that something inside of us a fire that refuse to die - I also know this .. I asked God for what I want but I take my hands off the outcome.

    But it seems to me that I just love what I do and my desire has not been waiver at all. I feel the destiny is calling to me now -- Let's just have fun in the mean time ...
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    I think that there is dreaming and then wishful thinking.

    A real dream is a vision of what may be possible if you take action like a warrior and do not stop until you get there. It won't go away no matter how hard you try to get it out of your mind. This is something not to ignore.

    Wishful thinking doesn't stay around for too long. Here today and gone tomorrow
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    Most people fail because they don't put in effort
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    There's nothing wrong with dreaming too much. Dreaming is free for all. But if you want to achieve those dreams, make sure to take an action. Don't just dream about it. Doing something is important.
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    Originally Posted by Justin Stowe View Post

    In other words, get some success under your belt, then you'll be more likely to reach that bigger dream.
    Exactly right Justin and competence breeds confidence...I'm sure I've heard that before lol!

    Goals, dreams with deadlines, it's all interconnected... they have to be achievable and measurable.

    And as Mr Brian Littrell would say, why not "Shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
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    People should get their feet wet first, before dreaming much much bigger things.

    Jing Quimpo
    A horse cannot gain weight if not fed with extra fodder during the night; a man cannot become wealthy without earnings apart from his regular salaries.
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    I think there's nothing wrong in dreaming too much especially if you feel good in dreaming about it.

    Isn't it the main reason that you want something because you think you will feel good when you have it? So, feeling good while dreaming is actually the shortcut.
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    Thanks for this post. Good dream is need for a innovative work. Are you doing affiliate marketing? You can't see a $$ dream without Google, Facebook, Microsoft..
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    good post....
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    how about, a little dream, makes visualization, and make your dream come true and repeat it?
    good post.
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    It is better to right down our dreams and make it a goal. It would sometimes be unrealistic but keep in mind that one step closer to your goal can make a big difference.

    Start making it a goal.
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    Dreaming big is a must if you want to succeed. Positive attitude is a must too.

    But in order to make your dreams come true, you need to have a plan in place. You need to test that plan out and if things don't work as you planned them, tweak your plan a bit and persist until things start to work.

    Remember this:

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
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    dream big... just don't forget to walk the walk!
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    At what point do those dreams become nightmares? If you do not set out a path, are not attentive to your goals (or don't make goals), and refuse to put in the necessary effort, then those dreams can quickly be dashed to bits.
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    Dreaming is good.. I visualize my perfect day every single day.. But the most important is taking action..


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      Conventional wisdom




      Action Oriented Wisdom


      then the rest follows

      Dreaming is good, Planning is better and taking action is best
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    like a chinese election - evely night
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    Dreaming is good and everyone should have a dream, but dreaming alone wont get you far, so you need to get your action as well to achieve your dreams
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    dream, believe and survive!
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