What is Holding You Back From Your Success - Your Mindset or Your Belief System?

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I have seen in this forum and other forums that these two phrases "mind set" and "belief system" used interchangeably, but those are two two diffrent beasts. Understanding that alone will clear a lot of confusion.

Mindset (setting your mind on/about something) is done on our concious level, depending on our wants, needs and desire. As an example we want to make money online and then we conciously & logically say to ourself "OK I am going to make maoney online" - we set our mind on that and take action that will fulfill our wants, needs or desire.

Our belief system, on the other hand, is some thing we created based on our experiece so far and is done at our unconsious level.

When our mindset and belief system are one and the same, things happen effortlessly, almost automatically. When ther is conflict between our mindset & belief system, no matter how hard we try things go wrong. This is why some people seem to do things effortlessly and always successful while another person with same abilities and resources seem to struggle and fail at whatever they try to do. The belief system is all powerfull, when in conflict with mindset, always win.

If you feel like when you set your mind on something and take action & seem to get nowhere it is a good idea to take a closer look at the belief system realted to this particular mindset. Even worse, you want something badly, you have set your mind on it and you know what action/s to take, but you are unable to take action. It is as someone within you is holding you back. This is a tell tale sign of conflict between your mindset and belief system.

The good news is we created our belief system in the first place. And we have the power to change it and make it agree with the our mindset. There are people who can resolve the conflict between their mindset and belief system on their own and there are people who need someone to help them.

If you feel you need some help, just PM me. If you don't have enough post to PM, post your interest here I will get back to you. It will be on first come first serve basis and only to a limited number of people as I have only limited free time.
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