What Was Your First Experience Of Making Money Online

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What was everyone's first experience of making money online?

I first made money online when i was 12 years old and repeatedly sold football cards on eBay for $10 that i was purchasing for $0.35 each. I made around $400 in a couple of months which was a lot when i was not even old enough for a part time job.

I was thought it would be interesting to see everyone's first attempt of making money online and how long ago it was.
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    My first experience in actually earning online was through a forum posting website. Ended up making something like $20 bucks in a week, and I was hooked on building my income up after that.
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    I researched online and got an offline gig that was enough for some minor bills
    http://www.charlesmomo.com Are you interested in 200 to 400 visitors a day to your site
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    nice share
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    Had about 90 books on Kindle,they took nearly all of them down,then sent me some money ?
    Its dark but...I glow!
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      Haha, that's an interesting one.
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    When I was a newbie blogger, I had a wordpress.com blog. I needed money bad that I looked for a public domain book, translated it, and sell it for a $2 price tag --- in my country, all online payments are made through bank transfer, and that's how I set the payment - otherwise, WP will kick my butt!!

    For a small traffic, the ebook sold 30 copies within weeks, and I got the money I needed. But I soon pulled off the sales page, afraid Wordpress will caught me. That's the first time I made money online, and in other occasions I offered a translation and ghostwriting service in it - but then had to stop because I did an intense academic research that required me to go abroad,,, which took my time greatly that I had to refund several orders (and I was still cautious WP will caught me too, haha )

    Now after I transferred that Wordpress.com blog of mine into a paid domain and hosting, I can do whatever I want with him, build list and sell whatever. I didn't have to play hide and seek with Wordpress.com anymore. My lesson no.1 was = don't spread your seed in someone else's soil.
    Those who have time and search for a better time will lose time (Sufi Proverb)
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    Writing articles for Associated Content and making a few bucks with Linkbucks before the Panda/Farmer Google Algorithm update and when content farms paid pretty well.
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    I bought and sold book on eBay. It wasn't a business strategy though..I just enjoyed reading and would resell the books i purchased from eBay
    If you don't build your dream
    someone else will hire you to help
    build theirs.
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    I was selling premium upgrades on certain services. It worked well for little over a year and I made decent
    money after which it seized to exist.

    Now I see it was a good thing, cause it made me transit to more creative and profitable business models.
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    I was promoting a Forex AutoRobot of sorts through CPC. That was my first success... and my first failure in Internet marketing.
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    Hot diggity dog!

    That's how I was like.


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    nice post...
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    2006 bought a mailing software and bought targeted data. Promoted refinance lead submits. Oh the good ol' days

    Funny how it seems there is now 50x more people doing affiliate marketing than back in 2006. Makes things more interesting !
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    I made my first money online on PTC sites, then made $100 on Adsense,
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    Made money from adsense in March and lost my account a month later.

    Now I make more money off my list than I ever did with adsense.
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    My first online dollar came from my resume writing business. I got one customer for $129! Woo hoo!
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  • Online real hard at first but the trained easily earn as you want.
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