Why Happiness is the New Productivity (must watch!)

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I came across this quite some time ago but I was surprised it wasn't posted here. I HIGHLY recommend all of you watch this!

It may completely change your perspective on doing business!
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    Good watch Jason, you've got a knack for getting people motivated.

    I recently had a session with Jason and he went above and beyond what I thought we would achieve, going as far as to stay on the call for a full 2.5 hours when he quoted me 60-90 minutes...that's a LOT of value and over delivery.

    Not only that, but he helped me to stamp out some bad habits that were blocking my productivity. I can't recommend his services enough, and if you can't afford to invest what he's asking, well...watching the videos and reading what he posts here is a good start.

    -Mike Huffman
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      Wow, thank you! Totally didn't expect you respond to this!
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        I absolutely needed to see this video. I did experience a similar upswing in my online business when I was doing it for fun as a hobby while I worked in corporate American.

        Then my company lost it's contract and I lost my day job.

        Now I became panick and worked long hours because I wanted my online business to be my new career. But unfortunately, my online revenues dropped by 200%. I thought maybe it was due to the economy.

        Now, I think it could have been because of the pressure I was feeling.

        I am going to do an attitude adjustment and see what happens.
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          Originally Posted by candoattitude View Post

          I am going to do an attitude adjustment and see what happens.
          Yes! Please do that!

          Attitude is HUGE! Do not underestimate the power of happiness. Turns out that research suggests happier people make more money. See for yourself:

          The recipe for success: get happy and you will get ahead in life | Science | The Guardian

          Happiness Breeds Success

          This particular statement really got my attention:
          There is increasing evidence, however, that the pursuit of affluence has damaging psychological effects, including severe depression and anxiety. In a series of case studies dating to 1993, Ryan and Kasser examined the effects of pursuing money and material goods. Focusing excessively on obtaining wealth was found to create a lower sense of well-being and self-esteem. Everyone who sought affluence as a goal had a lower score for happiness.

          There was one point that all research on happiness seemed to agree; happy people do better than unhappy people in most realms of life; they have better social relationships, do more volunteer work, have better health, and make more money. So money may not make you happier, but being happy may make you more money.

          Source: Do happier people make more money? - DailyFinance
          Also, the techniques described in the above video to boost happiness are very effective. I've actually been doing some of them on my own, with very positive results.

          BTW, I would also recommend keeping a gratitude journal, just as described in this thread:


          It will change your attitude into that of gratitude, which will boost your overall happiness.
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  • thanks for posting and sharing videos.. I appreciate it..
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