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Just came across this in my 'useful stuff' file; it's by Michael Masterson and appeared in the Early to Rise e-zine in 2007. I think it's a really eye-opening way to asses the choices we make:

"It seems to me that whether it is the work we do, the sports we play, the vacations we take... we have the same three choices. We can do something that:

1. Damages us in some way
2. Improves us somehow
3. Leaves us more or less the same

Look at almost any activity, and you will see what I'm talking about. In the books you read. In the friends you keep. In the jobs you take. You name it. Some choices will improve you and some will damage you... but most will fall somewhere in the neutral zone: They won't harm you... but they won't help you either."

I think looking at our choices in this way is a great way to gain clarity. In a similar vein, you could ask yourself whether something will take you:

1. Backwards.

2. Forwards.

3. Neither.

Needless to say, as ambitious people we need to focus on #2

Hope this helps everyone in their daily action-taking.
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    wow good thread. i totally agree with this "They won't harm you... but they won't help you either." they're actually wont hurt others but they just dont care.
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