Online Riches or Bermuda Triangle?

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I come in peace seeking truth as a new member and seeker of light , answers and unseen online riches.
I became fascinated with making money online not too long ago due to the powerful and elaborate pitches I watched about it. It didnt take me long to realize there was this formula that I didnt want to fall prey to . The formula where a guy comes on and shows you his pay stubs etc make $30,000 a day no big deal. after watching about 5 of these and realizing that they are just selling a sell and wondering why if they make so much money would they want to sell their methods . It was then I realized that they are just telling you how to do what they do so you can go out and find other people to sell your version of what they do. I was perplexed. How do all these guys make money without a product and that was their product. They are selliing the dream, and mystery that you have to find out the answer to and that is how they make their money . You have to have it after they wasted up to an hour of your time picthing their "secret" formulas only a few people know but he found out because he was a car valet at their country club and one of the "insiders" took a shine to him and invited him to their secret meeting in the tower suite.....LOL
No I didnt buy any programs from someone bold enough to try an blow that smoke up my face . Hell Ive been to circus side shows and know that the Monkey Lady is a taxidermy gorilla with human like arms and face sewed on wearing a dress but it was worth $4 to see it. So I listened and started doing my due diligence like googeling the person who wrote that lon winded pitch only to find that yes they have been doing it years and yes that monkey shine sells like crazy.
I found this forum mentioned in several places so now Im here . In this game of searching out all references to how to make money on internet its a never ending search . One lead leads me to the next. I do hear the truth in many places and one of the truths is that you must take action. I have a confession to make . I am an "ready, fire , aim" type and have been my whole adult life may be because I have a short attention span ,always wanting to go to where the action is not dwell on all the sordid details to get there. So what I did before researching any of this was to build a website . It was easy ,they provided wordpress templates and all I had to do was fill in blanks. So now I look for a meaningfull way to use it I still have not found one after months of looking. I know about Penguin, and that I need to write original content to get rankings and back links , and dont be selling all the time , give stuff away free and they will come back as buyers. Buyers of what? I go to great sites like Steve Pavlina or "Lisas Website" on Youtube and it seems to me that they dont sell anything yet are big players. I know what Jeff Bezos does, I know how to sell on Ebay and Craigslist but what is all the commotion over online sales of formulas for online sales? I wish I knew then I would sell some of whatever it is they are selling and making those big checks. Is it as easy as finding fresh suckers to buy your version of an old Dave Del Dotto scheme? Recycling Napolean Hill, Joe Karbo, and fluffing up Dan Kennedy pitches? If it is I can do that and sell a Kindle book on it ? Really is that's whats going on? Is that the secret? It must be because I don't see the beef behind all these programs other than selling other programs.I am not being facetious i just dont get it ,so if anyone can explain it to me please go into detail on just what it is exactly they are selling other than a way for you to sell. I know about affiliate sales I get that. Today I heard one on how to sell websites, flippin websites. That reminds me of the old buy an old car for $x and sell it for $x +$100.
I know why most people don't follow through , its because of questions like these. You can hang out online for months looking at all this , buy a program and forget why they bought it when they come to the realization "i have nothing to sell! " I haven't bought any program yet and as I looked around warrior forum I see many of the reviews are 2 years old . So what is it you good people sell?Anyone making money like those checks I saw? I buy from Amazon if I buy online, or EBAY. Are there really an unlimited number of people that would want to buy from unknown vendors? Lets say I get a lot of traffic to my site and give away free information do I make money selling cheap little E- books ?
Where is the real money to be had? Or is it a game of numbers where you try to get a 100,000 people to spend $? selling them anything. That's what I have come to understand but if there is more please let me know.
Thanks, Brad
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    Brad - your post is a bit of a ramble, can you try one thing and focus on it?
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    Great information but you should break your post into paragraphs. Makes it easier to read.
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      I agree guys it was a bit hard to read. To offer something of value its true that alot of people are going to the big brand names these days for information; amazon and ebay. This is why your website must offer something of value if you decide to go down the road of being an affiliate marketing. Now with all the great reviews on amazon is, do people even go to affiliate sites for information? So alot of money that is put into sites can disapear into the bermuda triangle.
      You really have to offer something of value and have great content too! Gone are the days of the 1 page afilliate site.
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        to long didnt read; tldr;
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