How a you feeling RIGHT NOW?

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The way you feel RIGHT NOW is like looking into a crystal ball and seeing your future.

But how often do you stop to acknowledge the way you feel?


You state your intentions...

...but where is you constant attention?

What are you feeling about RIGHT NOW?

What are you thinking about RIGHT NOW?

Is it what you declared or intended for earlier in the day?

In other words...

Is your intention and your attention a match?

If not...

When did your attention become seduced by your regularly scheduled programming?

When did reality distract from what you want?

Mark Pescetti

P.S. Sorry I messed up on the title. The on screen keyboard on the iPad is a little hard to use while sitting on my lap in the car.

P.P.S. No, I'm not driving.
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    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
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    Thank you!

    I needed to hear this tonight. All day my attention has not been on my intentions.

    Time to refocus and put my attention and intention together.

    Thanks and have a good night!
    Are You Working In Your Passion?
    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." - Albert Einstein
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      Originally Posted by shaynjordan View Post

      Thank you!

      I needed to hear this tonight. All day my attention has not been on my intentions.

      Time to refocus and put my attention and intention together.

      Thanks and have a good night!

      For most people, intentions and affirmations are fleeting.

      "I intend to create an extra $5000 this month."

      Perfectly reasonable affirmation, right?

      Oh, but wait a second.

      Right after this DECLARATION is made, all of the sudden, those bills sitting on the coffee table become even more seductive, don't they?

      Because the affirmation/intention of an extra $5000 isn't coming from empowerment, but the fear of NOT being able to meet ones basic obligations and necessities.

      That's one of the biggest reasons WHY intentions and affirmations rarely work for MOST people.


      When you can align your intentions with your constant ATTENTION, well, that's when the magic happens.

      Because remember...

      The world doesn't happen out there, but rather from the inside, projected out.

      Our individual emotions paint the subjective picture of our OWN individual experience of reality.

      Easy to forget.

      Especially when you might be giving ALL of your power to the scary circumstances that YOU CREATED.

      The purpose of asking, "how are you feeling RIGHT NOW?" is to bring awareness to what you're in the process of creating.

      Is what you're feeling the experience you really want?

      If not...

      Become aware of what you're feeling so you can redirect your attention and align your thoughts towards the creation you'd love to experience.

      Mark Pescetti

      P.S. This is the MINDSET section of the Warrior Forum. I'm personally not interested in your intentions to write a blog. Rather, what feelings are you going to pour into your blog... and what outcome is your ATTENTION creating? In other words... writing a blog just because you think you need to is boring and wimpy. However, writing a blog because certain information is aching to COME THROUGH YOU... now that's something I can sink my teeth into!

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    Well right now my focus is social media marketing. Forum posting is one of my best past time in social media.
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  • Feeling wired, and bored at the same time... Mind running faster than the speed of light, yet in a lull... Weird.
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    Feeling extremely motivated, and to go as hard as I can. I see my freedom on the horizon...
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