BEST Motivational Video Ever..

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Watch it, feel it, act on it..

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    please don't upload these kind of videos,, i will cry out thou i am a man.
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    I also recommend Will Smith inspirational videos.

    Yeah... that's right, I said Will Smith. Seriously google will smith inspiration and see for yourself.

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    nice video share
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    It was really heart touching .

    And good video to watch for every one.

    No one should give up until last.
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  • I've watch this video several times already, but still has the same effect on me. So powerful.
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    Incredible . . . I have not seen that video before. We need to see more of those. We just take so much for granted and that guy is probably happier and more at peace than any of us.

    James Mohr

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    • It is not just nice post but it's so inspiring! It really implies that we don't just simply quit. We should learn to fight.
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    In the spirit of Silent Spring from the heart intelligence of a child

    The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes - YouTube

    (this one was with it and will also both make you cry and be inspired at the same time)

    his heart shines radiantly through
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    great video
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    I have seen this video a lot of times, alone and with friends and each time I have felt something stir up inside me. What an inspirational man!
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    Hello! This upload is so great. It makes everyone realize how much they have been missing on life. We should totally think and see things on a different aspect and live life to the fullest. More power to everyone.
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    Awesome video and very inspirational.
    “We Dream And We Build. We Never Give Up, We Never Quit.” ~ Jeremy Renner as Carmine Polito in American Hustle
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    good post...
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    Good inspirational video indeed...also kind of sad for me
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    I have already seen that video, and everytime I see it I feel so ashamed..
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      Originally Posted by cronealis View Post

      I have already seen that video, and everytime I see it I feel so ashamed..
      Don't feel ashamed.

      Be inspired to achieve your dreams and fulfll your destiny in life.

      The sky is the limit.

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    Thanks for the share, great video!

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  • Here's one pretty inspirational one to me personally: Secrets to Manifesting
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