Champions Are Not Made On The Day Of The Game

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For all of my life, I have had the will to succeed like most people. I have always wanted to stand in the winner's circle - to win the championship, to wear the gold medal. But for a good part of my life, I never fully understood that champions are not made on the day of the game. That is simply the day the world recognizes all the preparation that has taken place before that day arrives. It has taken me many years to learn that none of the 'big' things I have done has helped me to succeed. Indeed, it's all the little things that I did over and over. For example, the discipline to plan each day's work the night before, no matter how tire I was has had more to do with my success than any 'big' thing I have done. Not a 'big' thing but a necessary thing in getting prepared to win. Learn more @ LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS
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