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You know that story about Babe Ruth and how he had more strikes than most baseball players, but he also had more home runs?

Why don't we have that same approach in business?

In fact, baseball may even be a little more harsh. It's three strikes and you're out in baseball. But in business, you can take as many swings as you want (and can afford).

So many people bet all their hopes and dreams on the one swing, and when it doesn't pan out, they give up and go back to being an employee.

In the traditional offline business world, that might be understandable. There are costs and time-consuming prerequisite activities to starting an offline business.

But now that there are websites and e-commerce, it can take no time or money at all for anyone to start a new business or try out a new idea, even if you're simultaneously running several of them at the same time.

So what am I scared of? Why haven't I had at least a thousand failed business ventures by now?

More importantly, why haven't you?
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    Yeah, after failed for so many times, I finally get to where I'm today.
    Imma taking swing everyday, one day I will hit home run =)
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    “Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street.”- Zig Zilar
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      I've heard a baseball analogy for a many years:

      Even the best hitters fail two out of three times.

      It's all about context though. Failing 2 out of 3
      times for other professions may not be that
      great. Like a surgeon. Or paratrooper.

      Carol Arty
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