Most famous failures - must watch

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Don't be let down your failures - they are the greatest resource for your successes..
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    I love it!
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    Im now ready to make failure part of my life
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    When I taught high school English, I posted lots of failures on my walls. Lincoln was my favorite. He failed at everything so many times that he became my greatest example of why people should TRY to fail as FAST as they can... just to get the learning, drudgery, and grunt stuff out of their way quickly, clearing the path for their greatest successes.
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    “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”- C.S. Lewis

    Failure is just some part of the road to success. Failure and success make the journey become worth to travel.
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    Awesome! And so damn true!! Thanks for sharing!!
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    i u found failure,,try,,it again and again with full ur effort
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    great share
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    quiet a long video and watched in afternoon. really nice. thanks
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    "Double your failure rate" - one of the best advice Ive got in life..
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    This is really Awesome. Without having any failure in past or present you wont be successful enough in the future because in every mans success there is always a failure.
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    Very good video! The saying "don't let your failures get you down" is something I hear very often. Sometimes phrases that are said often just become words without meaning. This video made me rethink the deep meaning of the saying and it is so easy to let you failure get you down no matter how often you hear people say this. I'm really taking it to heart this time.
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    There is nothing like "failure" unless a person chooses to give up. Great video. Thanks a bunch for sharing. It is motivational videos like these which enable me to move ahead in life irrespective of the hurdles I get all the way.

    What I found in Mexico cannot be expressed in words. Though, I tried here - My Blog

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