Why DEADLINES Will Not Break You But Make You

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Break You But Make You...

Setting deadlines may seem like the end
of the world and a cliche thing but it can
be pretty darned useful for...
  • Churning out products like a madman
  • Making SIX figures...
So go out there and place a deadline on
every single thing...

Because, if you don't, any task you do at
hand, expands to fill the whole freaking day
because of the Parkinson's law:

"Work expands to fill the time available for its

Do you have a deadline for forum browsing?

I mean, get off here, if you want to make
money! And place a deadline on the next
task you do.

Make it a habit!
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    Yes... everybody hates deadlines, but it's important.

    As Diana Scharf Hunt said “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”
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  • Nice one! This is great as we all at one time or another procrastinate...
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      This is actually really crucial!

      A lot of people wave it off, saying...

      Oh, I get things done anyway.

      But... The truth is, you NEED to put
      yourself under pressure. It's a weird
      subconscious thing, but it moves
      things alone more quickly and

      And then you look back and say...

      "Gosh, I feel like superman doing
      all these things I couldn't yesterday."

      The Beginner's Doctor

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