Retraining Thought Patterns... Power of Choice in YOUR Hands

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Something that's been on my mind for awhile, I think many of us here are in the same boat.

Comfort zones. Fear. Paralysis. The ideas that trying anything new is scary because you might fail, or even more scary, succeed. On one hand, if your fear of failure is realized, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy (too stupid, don't have the resources, mental exhaustion, etc)... Fear of success? Responsibilities come with success - for those who've never made money, would you DO as soon as you saw a large influx in your Paypal account?

Short-term thinking. Quick fixes, fad diets, push-button millionaires. Eventually, circumventing dirty work becomes like the kids in the movie The Perfect Score - all the elaborate schemes to cheat on the SAT, would've been much easier to study for the damn SAT.

Then comes the idea of, exhaustion. Not afraid of dirty work because you've done it before, but with your own failures, you feel you are conditioned to fail so you stop trying.

I'm at a crossroads in my life. I can sit by and waste away, living predictably, the exact amount of money direct-deposited every week, in a job that doesn't care at all for its employees and is filled with twisted secrets and lies. I do it because it's easy, requires no thinking, and can do it in my sleep (and in many occasions, I have done so). Never ever will it ask me for my intellect or how I can make it better, nor will it miss me once I'm gone. Met many, many great people along the way, but as always, you learn who your true allies are in the most brutally honest of ways.

Realizing more and more every day, this is not me.

I ultimately see myself living as an Internet Marketer... Besides affiliate marketing, I've always loved writing in some form (maybe there's a certain madness to that, but oh well) - from blogging, learning copywriting, to writing my own books. Having five-figure paychecks from Clickbank every month is one thing, but what you choose to do with the money - after you've paid your debts, gone back to school, what have you. It's over the long-term continuum - Internet Marketing, like anything, is a commitment.

But beyond Internet Marketing, I also love bartending, bellydancing and martial arts. I want to go to Israel to study Krav Maga - the more I think about it, the more determined I am to make that happen. If that's going to manifest though, it's up to me to make it so.

Everyone who's ever left the job I just described feels more than liberated. I wore the chains for so long I forgot their weight... or perhaps for so long, I didn't realize how heavy they actually were.

I'm not going to just quit tomorrow without any safety net or direction to go in. However, it's time to start breaking free.

I have the power to make that choice. Instead of rearing to chance, "Maybe this will work," I commit myself to it. Succession of choices. Realizing I have the power to make them.

Any perceived fear I have of it won't lose its power until I face it. Too long I've waited for such fears to go away on their own, when really I was the one who needed to stand up and grab hold of it myself.

Such is the choice I make. What will yours be?
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    Talk about success the money afterward, as they say the journey is more interesting that the destination
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    Yes... the journey is your reward... so just enjoy the ride
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    Conquering fear is life changing. I was raised by a family of immigrants and they always pushed me to do what is most practical for me to have a financially secure and safe future. Their "financial education" caused me to fear anything other than a 9am-5pm mon-fri kind of job. Thankfully I met a lot of people through living in a big city and they exposed me to financial freedom. I have never worked for anyone other than myself and I don't ever plan to. The freedom I have with my time and the money I earn is something I would never want to loose. I'm so glad that you have this freedom too though internet marketing!
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      Hello, just read your post and was wondering what it is that you do for a living and is it your passion?
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