most people don't fail

by Odahh
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most people you look at and think of as failurs .. probably have better lives than 6 billion other people on this planet.. tv,cars, enough food they are real over weight ,, cell phones computer.. heating and air conditioning ..

I have a pet peave on sites from gamer site to spiritual sites .. to these success sites .. to conspiracy sites .. to what every ..

it involves when people use their definition of success and screen out 99 percent of everyone else and refer to the others in very derogatory ways ..

your definition of success in anything is your definition and the only person you are ever here to be better than .. is the person you where yesterday .. or last week or last month ....

compairing yourself to others and either leading yourself to think you are better than them or they are better than you.. is like trying to judge who has the better computer .. by looking at the monitor and only looking at what is currently on the screen ..

chuck sheen is way more successful than many of us can be.. but do you want his life and problems ?

a lot of people listen to releationship advice from people who have been divorced several times ..

A lot of rich people trusted Bernie madoff with their money ..and a lot of people though because they had very expensive houses .. they where rich ..

if your 40 or under the medical tech that is being developes and comming online .. might easily make it possible to live untill your 100 plus or even 150 or so .. do you think you can make enough money to retire and live for 60-100 years without working ..i have gone 2 and a half .. and i tell ya.. i am not interested in doing this for 10, 20, or 30 years ..40 years from now whn i can retire ..

it is a big thing in the news now that the rich football players who made a lot of money on the field .. now have ruined live or are comminting suicide because of what it did to their bodies and their heads ..

there are also a bunch of law firms going out of business and many people who got law degrees to get the big laywer bucks are finding there are just no jobs where they can make enough to pay their loans ..

so i will end this with .. maybe it's best to work with your own definition of succcess and work each day to be better than the day before.. And avoid judging people based on what they have and how much money they make.. but weather or not they to are on the getting better each day system .. or are the staying the same ..or declining ..
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    Hello there,

    thanks for share this. I agree with your thought then. It's better for do a fault because of actions rather than never failed because of no actions!
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      I want to thank you too.... I absolutely hate those sites too. But after beating myself up for not measuring up, I did, because I read so much into it that I was discouraged and felt like a failure. I decided to give myself a shot, Im not that bad and through my hard work and the little I might make, it will be so much more.
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    I disagree. Most people fail. Success is only one thing.
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      Originally Posted by Marc Rodill View Post

      I disagree. Most people fail. Success is only one thing.

      much of the problems we have in this world are the result of people imposing their definitions of how thing should be on others ..

      Failing is part of life.. but it does no good to spend your time looking over and picking apart why people have less than you .. or why people are in much worse condition even if they have the same amount of stuff ..

      It is successfull people who have the most stories of failures .. most un successfull people pick the safer somewhat less risky rout of living pay check to pay check ..

      most people don't fail.. they get broken down early on in life and given a list of should and shouldn't and guided onto a path they end up on most of their lives ..they don't fail.. because they never hunker down decide how they want their life to be ..and work to make their life like that .

      It is the people who succeed and climb over failure after failur never letting it push them onto the safe path.. that fail over and over.. but when they succeed and have the life the want.. it makes it ever more delisious ..

      i hope my expanded definition is helpfull and something you can kind of agree with ..
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    thanks for the share
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    I agree with your assertion that failure should not be measured by how you stand up against movie stars and the like. But, I would say, sadly, that most people are failures. They have not reached their potential. They have not reached and are not reaching for their goals (if they are setting any).

    Success needs to be an individual thing. It needs to be a balancing act. Physical, financial, social, and spiritual. If I am lacking in any of these areas; I am not a success.
    David Sneen
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    do when everyone is watching.
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    david.. the issue is not every one was born to be a potentian maximizing machine ..and most people get trained not to even try.. a big part of our society and social training openly breeds people or train people to be helpless and needy ..

    It is the rare person even smaller than 1 percent who take a hold of their power and gains control of their life .. and the cards are so stacked against doing that .. that it is a much better use of time to study what people who should have stayed failures .. did to turn it around and succeed than it is to ponder why the masses are like the masses are ..

    I have decided to practice uber selfishness ..even though i am broke right now i can change that ..if you judge me a failure because of my current situation fine.. but i am still in a much better position than 6. something billion other human beings and a higher state of self awarness than 99 percent ..

    without people to be garbage men .. would your life be any better if you had to drive your trash to the dump every week ... everyone has some purpose or role they fill.. even if it is simply to show you the many ways you where not ment to live.. but other people are fine with ..

    it is often times people who where kicked out ..shuned or never quite fit into the group.. who find the way to become successful.. so in a lot of ways the study of why the group is full of failures or people who once though they where so much better than you.. but now so much worse of ... is nothing more than an ego trip disguissed as compassionate curiosity ..

    the people in the masses are in the masses because they believe there is so much about their lives that other people cause and continue to cause their lives to be bad ..

    while successful people take control of their lives ..and get away from people who hold them back.. while continually doing what they need to do to get better ..
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    Thanks for sharing this kind of thought. People who are successful are the people who failed in their past. Failure is part of our success.
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    thanks for this post
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    Most people dont fail going by popular definitions of success, that is a given
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