Felix Denis-can you get rich? (Inspirational Video)

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A nice video, recommended by one of my WF friend, worth sharing with you guys..

Felix Dennis Quotes :
  • What worries me are people who mistake their desire to get rich with their absolute compulsion. You can't mistake those two things. When people have the wish to be rich but know in their heart of hearts that they do not have what it takes to get there -- the long hours, the hard work, the ability to face up to fear of failure -- they are going to cause themselves and those around them endless problems.
  • You've got to be absolutely determined to get wealthy and do anything within the law to do so. If you do believe that, truly, and if you are born into a Western democracy, then nothing on this earth can stop you.
  • The reason that the pinnacle is not a crowded place is because most people will not make the sacrifices hat are required if you want to be there.
  • If you're not prepared to make the people around you miserable, you can't get rich.
  • If you won't address your fear of failure , you won't get rich.
  • If you don't believe that you're worthy to be rich, you won't get rich...
  • If you haven't got the balls to ask people for money because you're going to lose it, then you're certainly never going to get rich.
  • The purpose of being an entrepreneur is to make a lot of money and have a lot of fun.
  • People will surprise themselves at how much money they can raise. There are a lot of vendors who are willing to take a risk on you -- if you are totally up front with them and as long as they don't risk too much. That's the way I did it.
  • The usual excuse of the young is that they don't have enough experience or capital, and older people that they don't want to jeopardize the career they have built so far or can't afford to put at risk the security of their families.
  • I knew two things when I was growing up, that I was born lucky and I was nt going to be poor, under no circumstances would I stay poor.
  • A lot of people say they've got this great idea, and "if only I had the capital" they'd go out and do it. Usually this is a fantasy. It's just an excuse for not confronting their fear of failing.
  • Stamina is crucial, as is the capacity to work so hard that your best friends mock you, your lovers despair and your rivals and acquaintances watch furtively from the sidelines, half in awe and half in contempt.
  • "He says he's constantly trying to remind young entrepreneurs that the purpose of being an entrepreneur is to make a lot of money and have a lot of fun. These companies aren't your babies. If someone comes along and offers him a really great price for his magazines or his websites, he'll sign. "It's pretty simple, really."

Felix Dennis on those who confuse making money with mere business talk:
  • "He doesn't like email, hasn't got an email address. So what does he make of those 'businessmen' who sit hunched over at dinner, busy Blackberrying? "I know that they're busy not making money, they're reminding people, rather desperately and sadly, that they're still alive. I feel sorry for them.
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    really good find.. i tend to like Felix .. read his first book read some of the second book ..And i have stayed away from that for quite a while ..but he is the been there done that.. not trying to sell you tickets to a seminar ..type ..
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    Awesome share! Now one of my favorites.
    Something stinks...
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      Amazing video

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    I like his view on life a lot. A no fluff and truthful view on the road to riches.
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    Have you been to mycomeup.com .. This is a great motivational site I frequent. Their they have the Michael Jackson note as well as this Video among others. I suggest you check it out if you are not familiar with it yet.

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    Yes I have checked out the site, it's a rili nice place to hang out..
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    Thanks for the great share, this is something i really needed to see today...
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