Spammers! You reap what you sow!

by ahew
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I have a kind of funny story to share.

I was on the list of a very popular marketer here on WF. He spams his lists every day with emails telling you to buy in big capital letters, often italicized and in bold, and always loaded with the craziest grammatical and spelling errors. No attention to detail. Every email he sent was a "MUST BUY! You'd be stupid not to." To make matters worse, he would mail up to 5 times per day -- although 3 times was the norm.

On a few occasions, I'd ask him what the real deal was with a promotion and he'd quip back with borderline nasty comments that I was unfocused and didn't have a plan. Really? You bombard me with emails and then get angry at me for asking about details?

At one point towards the end of last year, I decided to become part of his product creation mastermind group. Not a big investment at about $27. The problem was that I was never properly added to the mastermind group, so didn't get the benefit of the group dynamic! As much as I told him that he was the one who needed to properly add me to the skype group, it never happened. Oh well, I kept moving along and built a product with a much more congenial mentor who didn't glaze over my questions and concerns.

The funny part comes when I finally get my product ready to launch. Since I didn't have a list before, I contacted several people whom I thought would be interested. For whatever reason, I thought to myself "I've bought a ton of stuff from this dude in the past 6 months. I've left great comments for his products that I felt he delivered on. And I have bought things through his affiliate links." Not to mention, that I was (technically) in his course that was all about product creation. So I sent a friendly email about it only to be directed to a video saying "Don't ask me to promote for you, if you don't promote for me!" [insert expletives wherever you'd like]

Now I wasn't totally shocked or hurt by this, but I was disturbed that he didn't get it. After months of spamming his lists with every offer under the sun, claiming to want to help people be successful, he was treating the same lists as if they were made up of leaches who were wasting his precious time -- begging him for something that they didn't deserve.

Obviously, he has overlooked many facts including people without lists cannot mail and the fact that not everybody has all day to work on IM. Many of us have daytime jobs and families while getting these businesses off the ground. Needless to say, this person has burned his lists in more ways than one. And now it seems he is back to rebuilding his lists from the bottom up.

The moral to this story?

If you spam people, don't be surprised if they think you will promote any and everything under the sun. Spammers are sending out a certain kind of energy that says "I don't care what I promote, so long as I make money." Just don't be angry or confused if that's what people expect of you. And don't be nasty when people unsubscribe from your lists. It's not their fault. You reap what you sow.

Be well,
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    Great post Adrienne, it is amazing how many big marketers are so hypocritical when it comes to promotion. They will bend over backwards to get you to sell there product , but dont EVER ask them to promote your product...I cant even remember how many lists I have unsubscribed from in the last year and it feels GREAT


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      I don't know what this thread is doing in this section, but I guess if you look at it from the point of view that it takes a certain type of person to knowingly spam, then we can consider this as a self-improvement lesson for newbies. A person who knowingly spams has no regard for anyone except themselves. All he or she cares about is how much money they make at the expense of others.

      So I'm not at all surprised by your story, sadly, Adrienne. Thankfully there are many marketers who have integrity, and who over-deliver in value and information, and I am thrilled to be on their lists.

      Unfortunately, the bad ones, ruin it for everyone, and give marketers a bad name.

      Frankly, I have had it up to here with spammers, hackers, trolls, leechers, bandwidth thieves My .htaccess file is filled with ip deny entries. I have recently just about blocked one entire country, not because I'm at all racist, I truly love all people, but because this particular country has many hackers and spammers who almost succeeded in crippling me, first by spoofing my domain's main email address to send their spam, and also for somehow managing to steal server resources by circumventing my hot link protection of 3 audio files I had on my server. I've since had to delete them off my server, so they are going to get a big fat 404 when they try to access those files now.

      But this stuff, all of it, has made me more determined to fight back, and most importantly teach others what I've since learned about protecting yourself from these scumbags.

      Guys like that marketer who Adrienne refers to, shoot themselves in the foot. They don't last. Thank goodness!
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    Oh, Barry, you are so right! It feels great to get off of everyone's lists! I do sometimes buy a WSO and end up on other lists, but usually get outta there as soon as I get more than one email in 3 days. We all have to start somewhere and some just forget where they came from sooner than others.

    Karen, the reason I put it in this section is because I think of this as the Law of Attraction section of the WF. If someone is in the habit of spamming people, then they shouldn't be surprised at the way people perceive them. We all get into this business to make money one way or another, but some lose their humanity in the process. I think that our mindset should extend far beyond our words and into our actions as well. Often these spammy marketers are great at giving pep talks, but when you turn to them with questions, they shoot back with bitterness. And yes, to go into business like this, you will shoot yourself in the foot.

    At first, I thought I knew which country you were referring to with all the hackers. Then I realized that that country wasn't as big into hackers as another country, where one of their citizens had hijacked one of my blogs. Luckily, I did a quick search and was able to retrieve control. Can that really be easier than just working at stuff legitimately? The woman who got me into IM is currently on the lam in Europe to escape her creditors here. Interestingly enough, she's trying to sue me for mentioning my abysmal experience with her on my blog. All she had to do was either deliver what she promised, promised less or honored her 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee. Instead, thievery seems to be all the rage. When somebody says they're making $400K/yr selling services, you'd think refunding $6K to a really unhappy client would be a no-brainer.

    Yes, it is so important to help others be confident that they too can have it all without losing their souls. Unfortunately, run-ins with unscrupulous scumbags keeps many people from ever dreaming big or following through with their dreams.

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    I wonder if they're conversion rate is any good, and how high the rate of people leaving the list is.
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    I think that most of these people start out with great conversion rates. My experience has been that at that stage, most people aren't spamming with one offer after another. It is once they see the money they can make that they get out of hand and take their lists for granted. People who liked them in the beginning gradually get annoyed and mass unsubscribe after being led into many not-so-great offers. I've seen a lot of these guys who had left WF after building their lists recently come back to rebuild their lists. It'll be interesting to see how many of them have or haven't learned their lesson in taking their bread and butter for granted.

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