Hard works beat talent.

by Gianni
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Hard work beats talen
Talent does not work hard.

What do you think is it true of false?
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    For the majority of people this is true. For athletes or special people, I think that talent can beat hard work.

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    I highly agree! It is true that talent are need to improve and how are you going to improve it if you don't work hard to do those stuff.
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  • Talent is just a little special something to give people a head start of others who don't.
    Hard work isn't always all that harder (I believe in working smarter as well as harder).

    Conditioned habit and consistency is really what refines and properly grooms something to achieve an end. This doesn't always equate to 'hard' work. Some people find it easy because it's already part of their system. Some people have success habits that are as natural as waking up in the morning and brushing their teeth.

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    I agree, you can have talent but if you don't work hard you won't go far.

    If you lack a little in talent, but compensate by working hard, you'll go very far.

    My humble opinion of course.


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      There is no such thing as talent.

      Only skill and ability.

      You can either do a task or you cannot.

      When we say talent we generally mean that a person has a natural aptitude to complete a task exceptionally well at an early stage of development (in that task).

      My friend could play the piano very well and never took a lesson in his life. He could play as well as another friend who took piano for three years. You could say he had talent and she did not....but they could both play equally well so what does it matter that one took lessons and the other didn't?

      Focus on accomplishment, not talent. Do what it takes, put in the work you need to put in, to be able to do what you want to do.
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    I always go by the 90/10 rule of business and that's 90% hustle and 10% talent. You won't believe how many talented people are in this world that have absolutely nothing to show for it.
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    Hmmmm... I would say, let's hear what Will Smith has to say about this

    I really love watching that video ^^ It inspires me every single day.
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    Love that video, there are few people out there who rely mostly on talent though.. just look at some football players who don't actually train that hard
    If you dismiss the things that do not matter; if you remove those things from your mind and focus on what must be done; if you understand that your time is limited and decide to work now; only then will you be able to get to the finish line.

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    The philosophy of this guy is classy and this is one of many reasons I respect him. He deserves everything he has at the present. True optimist.
    The gratification of wealth is not found
    in mere possession or in lavish expenditure
    but in its wise application
    Miguel de Cervantes
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    I'm not sure I really believe in 'talent' as an idea that is distinct from practice, application and, yes, hard work. People often talk about 'naturally talented' football players (I'm English, so I mean soccer players here). However, when you do a little bit of digging, you always find that they started to play when they were, like, 5 years old and spent all day, every day just kicking that ball around.

    Talent is, I think, an excuse for lazy people to not try hard enough. If you love doing something, you will continue to do it over and again until you get good at it. Other people who haven't seen the amount of effort you've put in may choose to call that 'talent'.
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  • Hard work blows talent out of the water. I see many talented people who have so much potential but are not willing to work hard.

    To be honest I do not consider myself talented at all. I have to really work hard to get the results that other people get easily. So in school I had to work way harder and get worst grades.

    But I try hard and that goes a long ways.

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    Usually talent comes from hard work. When people work hard they usually become talented in some way, and when people are talented they don't seem to be working hard, well, because they've already done allot to become talented.

    I guess in the IM world hard work always wins, because not many people are considered talented in this sort of job. And if they are it's because they worked hard. Haa I've confused myself with ramblings now...
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    Yes of course... I've seen so many talented people is beaten by hard work people.

    Actually, every successful people that I know is a hard work person. They have no talent, have no money, have no connection. They just have dream and do hard work to make their dreams come true.

    Their hard work change their life.
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    And when Talented one is hard working, you know, nothing is impossible to him!

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    I don't know. I think that hard work is important but I think that you have to have some talent too in what you choose to do otherwise you may find yourself spinning your wheels a lot. For example, I try to run everyday and I work very hard at it, trying to get my fitness level up. But no matter how hard I work I am never going to get to the Olympic games because I have no talent for running. I am a mediocre runner.
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    It is a motto written on the wall at Lloyd's gym in Camp Springs, but I've been hearing that quote since highschool wrestling. It's nothing new. I heard them use it lastnight aswell. But what if talent does work hard? Everyone is screwed lol
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    Sometimes talent is essential for earning lot with less labor,for an example affiliate merchant ,they earn lot with less effort but using excess talent.

    On the other hand for foot ball player need both talent and labor .

    Next you can think you are a street bigger ,then you don;t need labor or talent you can get everything easily by begging.

    Actually when a talent does not work ,it's means nothing.
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