Don't push others around if you have no blisters on your own feet.

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Don't push others around if you have no blisters on your own feet.

Good officers lead by example and make sure the troops are cared for before attending to their own needs. When you treat others respectfully and never ask another to do something you would be unwilling to do yourself, you are entitled to the respect of others -- and they will freely give it. But you cannot expect others to continue marching until they have blisters on their feet while you ride in the jeep. Leading others means you must be willing to give far more of yourself than you would ever ask from them.

Source of motivation: Napoleon Hill
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    Leaders are easily recognized from this aspect as you do not see them with the flock as followers but at the front as leaders
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  • I am a big believer on hands on management. Most managers don't want to get their hands dirty so their employees do very little. As a leader you have to jump right in there and do what you expect other to do. Then show how much you appreciate it. And let people work at what they do best. Set high standards for yourself and your staff will want to meet those standards as well.

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