(MUST READ) You Are Being Programmed For Poverty!

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Just want to share this guy with you..

His name is Randy Gage and he is an amazing person, which have inspired thousands of people the last decade, including me.

He has been in jail, he has been poor and now he is a multi millionaire..

Randy believes you were born to be rich, people are meant to be inspired, and conventions should rock!

Are You Being Programmed for Poverty?

Watch this controversial Youtube video and you will be surprised:

I have been an Internet Marketer the last 6 years. The first years when everything failed THIS WAS THE GUY, who motivated, kept pushing me forward, and told me to believe in myself..

I'm sure you can benefit from him too, as a mental coach..

For your prosperity!
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    Randy Gage has some good points. I even read his book Why You're Dumb Sick & Broke. Where I don't agree with him is that he claims in a roundabout way that religion is bad and as a person of belief, it makes it hard for me to really follow his teachings.

    I'm sure adhering to his teachings will make you wealthy, but I don't want to do it at the expense of my relationship with God which means a lot more to me than money. Also, being a believer does not equate to being broke. A lot of godly people in the Bible were very wealthy. I don't want to make this into a Sunday school lesson so I'll just leave it at that.

    Also, I don't go around watching movies to let it program me. For me, movies are for nothing more than entertainment. Are there movies that are inspirational? Sure there are, and I enjoy those as well. But I think that there's a lot more to wealth and success in life than in watching movies.

    Please, I'm not saying Randy Gage is a bad person. I respect his beliefs as well as anyone else's and I also respect his accomplishments. Also, I'm glad that Kragsig took the time to share this with us. I especially enjoyed the part that Randy Gage pointed out that the granddaughter is killing herself for "this old bag" as the grandma throws out a $40 mil necklace into the sea.
    Nice move there grandma! Lol!
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  • I listened to him for maybe two minutes. Nothing inspiring there. Just as bad as watching Jersey Shores.

    PM Me Now!

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    Nothing groundbreaking here. I guess everybody is different and needs his own customized plan
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      I think as marketers we are aware of the programming out there as well as the programming we use to be successful. I think the masses need programming otherwise thing's would get out of control since they insist on sticking to outdated paradigms. I mean when you look at what we do is basically sell the basic's over and over and over again no matter what niche we are in. True we may find a few new thing's with the growing technologies to improve on outdated models, but if we know the basics and more importantly DO the basics then we will always be successful.

      -Walter Parrish-
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    Thanks so much for posting this! I needed to be reminded of these things! I just "found" this section on the WF and am so glad I did! Feels like home!

    Thanks again!

    Energy flows where thought goes.

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