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Hey all. So I have a bit of free time and decided to wrote this post. Maybe it will help somebody stay motivated. Happy reading.

In the early age... about 6~ years ago, when I was 13, I bought books named Professional PHP4 book and beggining PHP4. I loved. I don't know why, but I was kinda that guy who 'knew everything' about computers. I knew how to fix pcs, I knew how to install softwares, install windowses, clean viruses. ( My dad was calling me software guy.. lol. ) I learnt a lot from PHP books. Even changed homeworks to PHP reading time. ( until my parents found out ) So when I was 15 years old~ I already had created my first website, and some other funny stuff. ( calculator, and other funny stuff with my own brain and hands! ) So in that age I created a game server. I had to learn about databases and more.. Included game marketing and advertising. Here is where I found out about Internet Marketing. I've made a bit money from this game ( from sms messages.. ) , In the early 2009 my game was closed and I started learn more things about IM. In free time I was creating funny websites , funny and not important softwares ( like calculators and more ), so I started read a lot about marketers, even talked with few. Received many tips. And the biggest recommendation was to start internet marketing now - not later. So I decided to start bank hard and become a internet marketer... sure with a advantages comes disadvantages. I HAD PRETTY MUCH NO TIME TO DO THIS! School, exams, social life.. you know. Oh yes, and English isn't my first language... so it was double-harder to make money online. ( and i'm still struggling with English.. ) At the start... I can't remember what I tried, but I think it was related to Affiliate income. But what I can remember - I was frustrated. Sad. And even became sick of this marketing stuff. My head was overloader full of stuff ( marketing, exams and etc ) I was looking for solution, worked until late nights and one day I found myself in Hospital. Because of exhaustion. When I back, it was nearly 3 months in marketing. How it went ? Bad. I spent all my gift monies, failed dozen of times, was so frustrated, probably lost several friends because of that. Been pretty angry that times. 2 months later I finished school, and enrolled part-time ICT classes in college. So I had about 25 hours to work online. After 5 months of working, i was still sad, but not frustrated and overloaded. I became very organized guy in that time and I was proud of it. I also 'drank' a lot of motivation qoutes and movies. So probably that 3 things helped to make my first money online. 1) More hours of working and learning IM. 2) Becoming organised. 3) Motivation. It sounds maybe crazy, but it took me more ~3 months to make money, but in that period I was reading a lot, even was in few FREE marketing seminars. Maybe this summer learning period was best, erm.. sure it was. I made my first money online. So then I begun making money... I have tried a lot of stuff. From offline business, affiliate websites, adsense websites, CPA income, PPC, and more. At the moment I have 37 adsense-aff websites running(but still not banking so much as others do from aff websites... That will change soon! ), and trying to figure out some SEO strategies how to beat panda and google competitors. Its already more than 1 year than I made my first money in the IM stuff. As I stated, I tried a lot of stuff, but most of my profit came from PPC campaigns. I can't consider myself as a experienced marketer or a millionaire, but I can help to my parents pay mortgage bills and more. I also don't need to worry about student loans and etc. If you want to know how much money I made - so here it is. In the 2011 year I made about 17000gbp. That's about 26k$ pure profit. It's not so much, but as a 18 years old boy I did very well. Hope my income increase in the future hehe! So now I'm living good life, only because of few people who recommended to start IM NOW, not later. Don't be surprised about amount I made. It's cents if we compare to my learning and failing period. > But i've been trough this failures hell. To be honest, I'm still having fails, maybe not every day, but I do. Who doesn't right.I finished my part-time classes in college too. September I'm going to New York to study business and general intensive english course!

Soo.. what to tell more..

Never, EVER give up if you having failures in your work. Try to improve it. If you do give up - believe me, if you will start ANY business in the future, you will fail again, and maybe give up. Failures are around us. We're just humans. No matters how many fails you're having - Keep working hard and you will achieve your goals.

Failures is the thing you shouldn't be worry about. If you becoming frustrated, always seek online help - motivation posts, quotes. Add marketer to skype who can/wants to talk - believe me. It helped me.

In the future plans I have many ideas.. Already started do outsourcing, but I just can't stop working myself, because it's my job, it's my habit and it's my business. I really proud of what I achieved. And sure. I believe that pretty much everyone can achieve same thing as I did. Every people have this change in the hands.

My personal note: Working with PC is very unhealthy job. Make sure you're sitting properly - buy a normal pc desk and comf chair. IMPORTANT: Always drink a lot of water. AND DON'T FORGET EXERCISING. If possible - every day or in the gaps of your work. Have a regular eye checks. Health is very important, this job not requires much energy, so it can ruin your health and even kill you. If you only work with pc, and have some walks around a town, this is bad. You need to excercises otherwise you're heart will start weaken. ( Heart Attack risk is bigger for those people who don't exercising! )

So this is my early age... From PHP book to Internet Marketing newbie.

Achieve your success. Be happy. You can do it.
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    Thank you for your story, it has encouraged me a lot.

    You will be very successful one day. I wish you all the best.


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    Thank you for sharing your story, it's hard work would pay off and never give up

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    cool story you have, i wanna like you for the best
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    Hey dats kool. At a very young age you have achieved a lot. Its an inspirational story and it has inspired me too. Thanks for sharing dude.
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      Thank you for sharing story.
      it has encouraged me
      You will be very successful one day..............
      wish you all the best.............
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    Originally Posted by Same View Post

    Never, EVER give up if you having failures in your work. Try to improve it. If you do give up - believe me, if you will start ANY business in the future, you will fail again, and maybe give up. Failures are around us. We're just humans. No matters how many fails you're having - Keep working hard and you will achieve your goals.
    This is the honest truth, if you did not get nothing from his story, get the above quote.
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    Hey bro, wish you all the best.

    Note: it was hard to read the post because of the formatting.
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    You story is quite inspiring but the formatting of the text gave me a hard time going through it.
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