Have you ever created a dream/goal collage?

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I found an old one of mine. I have a Mac computer on it, a Ferrari, and a mock clickbank cheque. There is also I nice little 1/2 million dollar home there. And a Visa Black Card.

I listed some sources of revenue I wanted to have. Wrote a list of goals I wanted to achieve.

It looks like it is about 3 years old. I haven't achieved everything on it. I don't have the 1/2 million dollar home or Ferrari (have a motorbike instead), but I do have the same Mac computer I wanted, plus I also have a Mac Laptop. I get cheques from clickbank now. While I don't have a Visa Black I do have several other credit cards.

I earn money from 5 of the 11 income streams I had on the list.

Many of the skills and things I wanted to achieve back then are almost laughable to me now as they seem so simple.

Just though I would share. Has anyone else created dream/goal collages? Ever forget about it and then pull it out one day and marvel at what you achieved?
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