Do You Sell a 'Mind-Related' Product of Your Own?

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Hi Guys

I am looking to partner with other Warriors. If you have YOUR OWN - created by YOU - product targeted within the personal development market, right now, I have a great opportunity for you to get your product into my portfolio at White Dove Books.

You would need to have a product that fits the following:

- Original (created by You)
- Top Quality
- Fits with my Existing Portfolio i.e. Fills a Gap
- Must Serve the Personal Development Market

You would need to have a win-win attitude and be prepared to submit it to me for evaluation. If your product fits the bill, this pretty much will guarantee sales and commissions for us both.

If you would like full details, start by sending me a PM with a link to your sales page. I'll take a look and let you know if I think it looks acceptable and we'll take it on from there.

This is a genuine and rare opportunity to partner with someone who knows what he is doing. Newbies are welcome. I can bring all the marketing know how; what I need from you is a quality original product that fits the above.


To the Mods: Just thought I'd explain why I posted this here rather than in the JV section. This is a very unusual request and I am looking for people who have a desire to serve this niche. I believe I am more likely to find them here as the JV forum is mainly frequented by people who want to list swap.
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