You're Awesome - Here's Proof!

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A lot of us got online because we had great visions of starting our own successful businesses, becoming well-known and respected members of the niche(s), and having the money, fame, and influence that comes along with it.

But grand dreams don't bring our visions realities, and over time it's easy to become paralyzed with doubt and self loathing... We need to overcome this funk if we're ever going to realize our destiny.

What can break this cycle?

You could use meditations or NLP techniques, but really there's something much simpler...

Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen.

You're going to write down all the ways you've helped other people, in one way or another... be it helping them move, making a connection, or just providing a sympathetic ear.

Write down EVERYTHING you can think of.

Big or small, write it all down.

It might take a few minutes to get your brain juices flowing, but once they do, you'll be amazed how many times in a week, a month, a year, and a lifetime you've helped some one else.

You'll quickly fill a page. And when you're done, however many pages you fill, you'll realize just by looking at your list how FREAKING AWESOME you really are.

Then take that energy, that new self confidence, and use it push yourself to do what you need to make your vision a reality!

Have a great 4th of July everyone!
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