Can't ever finish a project....need advice

by ztak07
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Hello fellow warriors I am opening my first affiliate marketing website. I'm a 16 year old guy and I have no other way of getting $ so I thought, well I know a lot about X so why not try this. Now what I just posted happens a lot, I get really excited about something and start imaging all the posibilities and dreaming big. The problem is I never finish, like I lose interest in whatever it is. This will be my second site, the first one I made (not IM) was decently sucessful but I put that on the backburner because I got tried of that. I know that I can finish but how can I get the motivation and focus that I need? The first website was in a very easy World of Warcraft nice and I think I made about $300-400 on profit in less than a month.
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  • Have you ever tried finding a partner?

    It seems like you have a knack for starting stuff, but you seem to suck a finishing things. Why not find someone who is good at the other way around?

    Either that or just really find something you will have a long term interest in - something that engages you all the time and something that you are passionate about that you wont get sick of it.

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      Originally Posted by Michaelangelo Flores View Post

      Have you ever tried finding a partner?

      It seems like you have a knack for starting stuff, but you seem to suck a finishing things. Why not find someone who is good at the other way around?

      Either that or just really find something you will have a long term interest in - something that engages you all the time and something that you are passionate about that you wont get sick of it.

      Great ideas, thanks Michaelangelo..
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    I love gaming and MMO's I would make a killing if I ever finished :/

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    • Congrats on being so young and having to courage to step out on faith to set up a site.

      As to your question: Your problem is focus. That's actually what keeps a lot of people from accomplishing their goals. Just set aside a specific time of day to devote to your business, work those hours, and eventually you'll finish it.
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        keep it up! its glad that younger pips now are more involved in IM
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  • Well... finish it. lol. It's real simple. How badly do you want to make this 'killing'?
    If you want it badly enough, you will finish it.

    Or if you have problems sticking to one thing, how about having just one blog talking about all your different passions? You're bound to rank it for something. I personally blog about anything and everything relevant to my interests. I then syndicate it and then have people backlink the **** out of it, get traffic, and then boom they convert and I earn money.

    Blogging With Attitude - Michaelangelo Flores Official Blog

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      Yeah im kind of the same.

      Either you need to permanently re-wire yourself, which is hard.

      You need a partner like the other dude suggested.


      You need to offer services instead of products.

      Service offers keep you on your toes.

      Over the years when I have offered some of my insane services I noticed that I when I am most happy.
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    You could try changing this belief you have about yourself... that you never finish projects. If you really believe that about yourself, you'll always stick to it, no matter what. The good news is you're probably not like that, you just got it in your head that you are. So start believing that there were a few occasions when you didn't finish some projects, but that those don't define you and you are in fact a guy who can finish projects and will finish projects. It's hard in the beginning, but do the mental exercise for long enough and I'm pretty sure you'll see the difference.
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    Thanks guys

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    You have to be consistent to make money online. Online earning is not a sprint, it's a marathon. You are only 16, you have plenty of time, so why are you so restless? Be patient, you will get success eventually.
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    You can do it ztak07! You really can!
    If you can make $300- $400 under a month, then imagine what you can do if you take it off the back burner and leverage it more.

    It is easy for people to look at the big picture, but they often forget that to reach there you need to take smaller steps. It is these smaller consistent steps that make up that big picture. You can't just take a giant leap and get to your final goal.

    Here is what you can do: set small goals everyday and DO THEM. Don't worry about the goals for tomorrow. Just finish the ones you have today. This will make you more disciplined. Besides, don't be too harsh on yourself. You are only 16! That said, I can already tell that you have a lot of potential.

    Just stick with one project at a time. Be faithful to it and give it all you have.

    You don't want to start a bunch of projects and not finish anything. By doing that, you will not only be wasting time, but you will also find plenty of reasons to tell yourself that you are a failure when you are really not. You just haven't seen what happens when you stick with one thing long enough

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    Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.~ Walt Disney.
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    haha is so good to see i'm not the only 16-17 year old getting his feet wet in the entrepreneurial/business world. to be quite honest, there is really no reason to quit on yourself, but sometimes you have to quit and move on to find better opportunities. I myself, ever since i was 11 and came to the US, I have struggled my fair share. I wanted to make money but I didn't even know how to speak english. That is just how it is, i have tried many sites, hubpages, triond, i even started a runescape gold selling site. Yeah sure i quit on some of these things, but the important thing is i learned really powerful lessons from all of these experiences, and thats all that matters.

    Anyways good luck bro, lets hope you make something of your site and of your online venture
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    Motivation is an important thing to always be in high spirits while working. This is vital in order to accomplish a lot and be more productive. This can also contribute in creating great projects. One’s flare in working can be seen in his outputs. If he is really motivated to work on something, the projects will surely have high quality and are easily finished.

    I got some tips for you:
    -Be inspired
    -Be excited
    -Target one goal
    -Think about the benefits you will make it
    -Be optimistic

    Hope it helps.
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    I notice that the things I don't stick with are
    things I only have a slight interest in. For
    example, after writing an article, it will be
    anywhere from 6 months to a year before I
    write another one. It's like I have to talk
    myself into doing it.

    On the other hand, visiting a couple of forums
    come as natural to me as breathing. I don't
    even have to try to be consistent because it
    just happens.

    Instead of choosing a new project that ends up
    fizzing out, try to create a project out of something
    you ARE consistent at.
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      In so many words, the Tao Te Ching says "If only people finished up an endeavor with the same gusto with which they started it, there would be vastly much more success stories in this world." Human beings everywhere have a wicked tendency to give up just when, after making often incredible efforts, they are so close to success that they can smell its scent on the air. They are mere footsteps away from achieving the objective, but they quit because it's just not happening fast enough for them.

      Demand of your own self that you will finish what you started.

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    Yeah i think the only reason I failed is because I did just get interested a bit, they were projects I wasn't THAT interested in. I find it much easier to focus now. Since starting this thread I re vamped my old site and am promoting again already. Hopefully the customers come, thanks everyone for replying and good luck to you all.

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    Hey bro. I'm that age as well!
    You know, the very first website I made was completely trashed (worse then you), but I did have MOTIVATION. I made money for working for clients first, then did WSO's, etc.
    So, the key is, (at least starting off), work on something you're passionate about.
    The thing is: get locked on to something, and work your but off.
    The cool part comes when you've made some money... it's a snowballing effect.
    You make more.
    You make more.
    And... you get the point. The hardest part is starting off. Just push past that point, and you'll be in a much, much better position.
    And I'm always looking for partners/ investments... let me know via PM if you're interested to help me out!
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      I'd like a JV...carryserviceus is my skype

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    One of the best behavior modification tools you can use is an accountability partner.

    Get them to check in with you regularly and keep you on track.

    So you follow through regardless of how you're feeling.
    'If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.' Vincent Van Gogh.
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    It's encouraging for you that at 16 you already able to identify a weakness that you have. I will not repeat what has already been said but it is important to have motivation for what you want to do.

    Say for example you want to be an affiliate promoting products through email. When you are working on your list and it gets monotonous or you feel stuck, remembering why you are doing what you are doing will be the motivation you need towards completing the project you started.
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    My advice: Don't worry about it.

    This whole "you must stick to something until the dead end" is flawed thinking. Who says you have to stick to stuff to stuff anyway? Just enjoy your day and move around until you find something you like and enjoy doing so much that you'll have no choice but to keep doing it. Maybe it's nature's way of telling you that what you're doing right now is not for you? Move around, try different things. It's OK to chop and change and move around. It gives you experience and a spicy life.
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    Have you ever been part of a project where not everyone has the same view of where the project is heading? This lack of clarity can breed confusion: People start pulling in different directions, building up unrealistic expectations, and harboring unnecessary worries and fears. While it's normal as part of a project to put the detailed plans, controls and reporting mechanisms into place, how do you get everyone on the same page to start with?
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    I agree 100% with Sabina! Flip the script on WHO you think you are in terms of productivity and after a while if you can maintain those beliefs, the positive chatter in your head will outweigh the negative and you will finish things with ease!
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    It is amazing how much I learn from this thread. Through I am far older than 16, procrastination or being distracted by other newer things is definitely not bound by age. I have the same problem and the ideas given here sounds good!
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  • Well, if you really can't finish what you've started then don't. Find or hire someone who will. That is given that what you've started already earns a significant amount.

    Also, if you've started a site that's already earning much, you can also sell it to someone. Selling your idea is still a big thing nowadays, considering how hard it is to start an idea. If your site is profitable enough, someone will definitely be attracted to buy it from you and they'll do the continuation of it. If you think your good at starting things up and then earn money even before peak performance, then you can do that as a way of earning money. Think of an idea, start it off, market it, then sell and repeat again.
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    To control your concentration you need to focus on what you are trying to do. Be patient and keep in mind that you are doing something.
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    I know exactly what you are talking about, ztak07. You have some great ideas but just can't finish them up. Try saying positive things to yourself when you find yourself saying negative things.

    Also, try to carve out a little time each day to work on your projects. Make a list of what is most important, and don't be too hard on yourself. If you do not know what to do next, I agree that asking someone else could help, or researching on the net OR here for some great "how-to" ebooks or advice.

    Good luck to you!
    Elizabeth Sheppard
    My SEO for Beginners Page
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      WOW! All these responses have been amazing. Since I posted this I moved back to my first site and even added more new content. I'm getting ready to launch again and hopefully even better this time. I think this time around I'll have the motivation and the drive to keep going. Thank you warriors and good luck to all of you,


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    You already did great job, don't push yourself so hard!
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    Ahhh.. to be young and successful. When I was 16 the most I made a month was $75 and that was from cutting grass at about 7 houses in the hot carolina sun.

    I think your biggest need right not is goal setting. Set a goal for your projects. I too have a low attention span (i.e. ADHD) and I found that when I set success goals I tend to be happier in the end.

    So for instance if I know that Im not truly passionate about something I'll set a goal to work on it until I make $X amount. Once I reach that amount I am good and I can decide whether to revisit it or not.
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    Man, don't give up, come on !
    You need to stop procrastinating, make a plan, and start an activity every day.

    I'm 17 years old too, I'm from Italy, in Internet Marketing since two years now, and while learning IM, I have learned more advanced English too (so it's easier for you !).

    Haha I am not an expert of English by the way, but I'm making 2000$/at month totally online. Stick to one method for at least 7 days, and if you can't make a decent sum of money with that (in your opinion), leave it and search for another one. Why can't you just start back with the World of Worldcraft one? This game is a trend !

    If you need any help feel free to contact me!
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    I am thinking yur biggest enemy is you - seems like you have already decided you won't stick at it before it has even got off the ground. The profit you made in less than 1 month is an excellent starting point and you should be proud and not restless - may be with a few years of age, things will naturally improve?

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  • IM is quite boring, you need to have a buddy that you ca talk to with same interest as you are.
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    I reckon you're actually very lucky to be so young and already understand this about yourself. I do believe it's possible for you to finish the project from start to finish, but maybe that project won't be the best project that could've been made had you had the support to get this finished with help.

    Some people are great at thinking of amazing ideas, but can't actually implement that idea.

    Some people work well when given a task to do, but they don't have the vision to think of the idea in the first place.

    Some people don't have the vision to create amazing ideas, or the determination to complete a task by them self, but they have the communication skills to bring the team together when the project goes awry.

    Some people have neither the vision for ideas nor the discipline to get a task done unaided, but they have the experience to advise others and get the project moving in the right direction.

    It sounds to me like you're an idea generator, and it also sounds like you get excited about the prospect of turning that idea into a finished product. Maybe you should find a leader who is capable of putting together a team that's capable of executing your ideas; there's no shame in being part of a team and understanding your limitations, in fact it can be quite liberating, especially if your half finished projects get finished and you get to do the parts of the project that you truly enjoy.

    A sincere best of luck with your ventures ztak07
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    I'd recommend getting a partner in your venture.. Especially someone you're not too close to like your family as you won't really push one another this way. Having a partner does help in giving you pressure in finishing your projects as you do not want to appear irresponsible.
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