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American Version

Canadian Version (My Favorite Version)

Anyone ever watched shark tank/ Dragons Den?. This show is simply amazing. I have watched both the american and canadian version. I began watching the canadian version (much better in my opinion) and I instantly felt in love with everything.

Although I really hate to admit I was in part inspired by a Tv show because it gives the vibe that my conviction is weak, I honestly have to say that this show has taught me very important lessons.

First of all we see the powerful and self made millionaires and how arrogantly they are. But in my opinion I simply get so inspired by them.

Then we have the participants, some more ambitious than others but, the ones that truly succeed you can see such an intense fire and passion to overcome any obstacle, it truly affected my decision of risking it all to make something of myself and not just let fate decide my life.

I'm gonna be a shark one day . How about you?
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