How confident are you?

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3 things you have to be confident in order to achieve you goals!

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    Thank you for this video! Personally I don't have problems with not having confidence, but I think that this video is very good for those who have. His explanations are simple and on the subject. He motivates you to do things that you were afraid to do before and encourages you to take more care of what you want and need. Never lose your confidence in you because this is the worse thing that can happen to a human being.
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    No one Loves a LEO like a LEO loves himself

    No one believes I can actually make money online. "the internet bubble happened in 2000 what are you doing?" Ill prove them wrong. I dont know if its confidence or just stubbornness haha...

    Kyle Starkey

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  • My confidence is really good. When it wavers it means it is time for a nap.

    PM Me Now!

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    I can...This is my only confidence which gives all success
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    The only thing where I am now is because I am very confident. I have no fear of risk. Though I can do things as long as I want to do.
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    Great video!
    Confidence is main reason of a man's success.
    If you know how to build your confidence you will gain success in life that you ever wanted.
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    a kid with a dream
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  • Being confident helps me to be successful with my chosen career. As long as you are confident with what you are doing you know you will succeed no matter what the challenges are.
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    Get to know who you are and what you want out of life and Realize that failure or being wrong will not kill you
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