How to Stay Focused (and Save Money)

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I feel that I am like many people here on the WF. I am looking for a way to quit my job and make money online so I can spend time with my friends and family, and hopefully travel to the ends of the earth.

Unfortunately, like most people here, I also jump from one money making infoproduct to the next without ever taking ACTION. That is until I decided that I was going into information overload and new what to do, but not where to start.

What did I do to correct this zig-zag, circuitous path I was on?

1. Go on an info-product cleanse.

Stop looking for the next greatest money making product out there. Stop buying every "next great thing" product that comes out. Stop all membership/recurring billing products. Take a couple of days to enjoy yourself.

2. Come to the Warrior Forum and do a thorough research within the threads until you find a MENTOR or SYSTEM you like.

This includes joining the War Room, which has a wealth of free information (well, besides the $37 fee). Read the posts that interested you, including the replies. Especially look at the "Who is your favorite..." and the "Who would you like to mentor you.." type threads for ideas of who the good teachers are, not just people out to sell you crap.

3. Check out the websites of the recommend people, and the people you think has a system you can put to use TODAY.

This includes searching for them on Google and clicking through the links on their signatures. Read the sales pages of their products until you find someone whose copy strikes a cord with you.

4. Come back and do a search in the WF for that person and read ALL the threads pertaining to that person.

This includes their comments and comments that people had made about them (as people) and their products.

5. Decide on one of their systems and BUY IT.

Buy and watch the videos and take notes. Print out the pdf's and underline, hightlight, and take more notes. Finally, make an ACTION PLAN.

6. Use THEIR SYSTEM with your own market or niche. The key is that you take ACTION after creating your ACTION PLAN.

After indepth research, the system you choose should match with your current need and the person you choose to follow you should trust for being the correct person to take you down the right path.

7. Rinse and Repeat

A) If you come upon a problem that the current system does not answer, start your search for a product that would answer it in your pile of already purchased products.

B) Then look for a product that would answer the problem that was created by the SAME PERSON AS THE PREVIOUS PRODUCT. That is the whole point of having a mentor/teacher.

C) Then if you don't find anything, go through the same process as above.

I hope this helps some you, my fellow Warriors, to quit jumping from product to product, never getting anything accomplished. The key is to find a system you like, and stay focused on that one system until you feel you can move to a better/different one, but at least give one a chance by taking ACTION.
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    You solved my 50 % problem, rest I will try to solve myself
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    good method
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      GREAT, GREAT information and guidelines.

      Thank you!!!

      Marcia Mercy
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    Excellent post. By really trying to be focus on what you are doing will help you save some money and that indeed is very helpful.
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    HI Maverickwec,

    Thanks for your good guidence, before this I was in the endless loop of search for "best system" again and again and never take action ...
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    Thanks for the thread, very helpful indeed.
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      'To remain focussed' - is easier said than done. What with so many distractions by the overload of informations.

      But when we follow a method as described, it certianly helps.

      Thanks a lot.
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    This advise is very helpful and like others I wish I knew this information when I was starting out. One of my biggest problems was that I was always looking for the "right product" to help me make it in Internet Marketing.

    I ended up spending too much money, and some of these products are still downloaded on my hard drive and have never even been opened.

    My advise to people buying products is to open your new purchase and go through the whole program before you buy something else. You need to focus on one thing at a time.

    Have a great day


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    Great thread. Thanks

    Not nailed it yet - but getting there!

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