Why do we buy product after product and not take action on one?

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For clarification of my question I meant to say "take CONSISTENT action".

I've come to the conclusion that people, myself included, get swamped by the "get rich quick" hype whether it be internet marketing, publishers clearing house or the lottery.

Laziness, discouragement, inadequacy, fear, and many other parts of us cause us to seek for something that isn't there unless we change who we are at the core.

"Get rich quick" is real but normally we have an idea of "rich" that is way out of our belief system. So what I believe happens is that we don't harmonize with what it takes to get us to reach our rich goals. We come up with an "idea" in our minds of what "rich" is in order to push us away from it without really defining it in detail.

If you earn $3,000 per month you may think that earning $10,000 per month will make you rich but included in there is what is also deeper in the situation. If debt is absent $10,000 will break us free. If there is a lot of debt, then $10,000 won't be so attractive and won't be enough in our minds.

I ask this question because we that are moving forward need to be able to effectively communication things in a way that a person that is struggling can grab hold of and help get them some strength.

I believe it is our responsibility to help others grow and expand their lives as we do the same for our lives.

What are your thought?
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    Get rich is a picture that most of us draw in our minds from an early age, Get rich Quick is us trying to compensate the time that has already elapsed without the riches yet.
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    I guess we all dream about being rich, having financial freedom and stuff like that.

    However, personally I think a very big percentage of all of us who buy stuff online, know that we would never stumble across a magic push button system that makes us thousands of $ on an auto pilot.

    Like every other business, it is about putting your heart and soul into your projects - I guess no other business owner would claim that you could learn everything about, hes business just by buying a course and study a few hours.

    If it were that easy, why on earth should a lot of people study maybe 5-6 years? :-)

    I think what drives many people into buying a product, is because you want to find advantages that can make your life easier.

    Why donĀ“t we put the stuff into action? Well, perhaps it is too much information, or we realize that we simply don't have the skills for making the project work.

    No matter how hard we try, it is few of us who master all aspects - you might be a super web designer but lousy for SEO, or a great programmer but hopeless for marketing.

    Sometimes, it is better to focus on products that can sharpen your own skills, and then find some people who can assist with the things we are not very good at.
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    I chalk that up to not being convinced we know where we are going and how to get there. Without passion, it's easy to fritter away time doing meaningless technical things, instead of really doing the harder things that matter more.
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    Agreed, we seem to apply a different set of rules to IM than the rest of life. I'm guilty too. But hey, so far no new WSOs purchased in the past 10 days. I hope I can get a "coin" at 30 days.
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    My problem is I don't stay focused on one or two things. I become side-tracked on another venture before I give the first ones a chance to soar. The end result is a closet full of great money making ideals gathering dust. . For me, it's information overload.

    Most of us know there is no such thing as "get rich quickly". The key is,which I need to do, is to build something you really believe in and stay with it. With focus, trial and error, drive, time and the wiliness to learn from experts any person can succeed to what he/she consider rich.

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    Looking for that ideal product which ensures you the easy way out, short-cut to success or "achieving much without putting in much effort".
    Let's remind ourselves that it is impossible.
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    I mostly believe that you first need to help yourself and afterwards, when you got the knowledge you should share this.

    Of course you can help other on your way, but actually helping other in areas where you already are doing good, sometimes make you realize things you would not have thought about yourself; There are so many benefits of helping other
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    I take action. I think that I just take the wrong actions. Lolol. I only ever bought one product. I might again after I start earning mad money.
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    It seems that most people starting online seem to be like this at some point. I am guilty of the same. Until I becameaccountable to someone... myself. I set my own deadlines and would feel really guilty if I did not achieve them.

    Taking action is too underrated. Especially online where with the fancy sales pages, all people are drawn to is the golden goose. Stop chasing the flashy objects, and you might end up getting something even better.
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    I think it's because people are self absorbed by nature and think that something special is just going to fall into their laps. They have bought into the idea propagated by countless movies that something always comes along to help the protagonist just in the nick of time.

    In the case of IM, it's a magic button. That's why people keep buying, waiting for that "inevitable" day where they stumble on some secret product that no one else knows about that will make them rich and famous.
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      I think a large part of why people procrastinate is that, as a society, we strive for convenience, for an easier way, or a better way, to do things that traditionally took time and effort to accomplish (washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, computers, exercise machines, etc).

      The same applies to earning an income online - we expect convenience, not hard work and effort.

      Under Construction

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    I think the product is just one side of the story. What is important is whether we educate ourselves further and took actions to try it out. There's no point buying products after products, and only got the hype for a while.

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    People buy product after product because they are always searching for that secret that will make them rich and turn their life around.
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    Everybody want to be rich, i guess nobody dreams to be poor. The question really here is how? How can we get rich? And for me the answer is to act, be persistent no matter what the obstacles we encounter along the way, and do not loose hope. If you really want to get rich just keep on believing that someday you will be.
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    While it's not very likely to "Get Rich Quick", it is perfectly possible to "Get Rich". Stick with a method, be good at it, and make it work for you.
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    Person who knows that without hard work no one can prosper in his life never shows this type of attitude. So to be realistic and also very enthusiastic about what they are doing.
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      Originally Posted by jaasmit View Post

      Person who knows that without hard work no one can prosper in his life never shows this type of attitude. So to be realistic and also very enthusiastic about what they are doing.
      Er...what now?
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    I believe that the root of the problem lies in the nature if the IM industry itself. Yes, people do need to change their belief systems but the fact that million dollar launches are happening everyday and everyday people are advertising how they turned from rags to riches in a matter on months doesn't help in the long run.

    Most IMers now start to think about when that inevitable BIG day is going to come for them. Most of us start to think that simply because we're in IM we will make it rich sooner than later. What a lot of people also don't realize that behind every success story in IM at least, there are probably 10 failures.

    Therefore, we resort to buying products day after day because we hope that maybe that one product will come which will change everything for us. Too many people out there looking for get rick quick schemes. What we need to focus on instead is having a gameplan for the long term and building sustainable businesses.

    "There is light at the end of the tunnel. Have some faith and work hard. ALWAYS."

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    Fear is in the core of the problem, I think. Fear that we're not going to succeed (= fear of failure) is what is stopping most people from taking action.

    The ones who are willing to overcome this fear and the true action-takers and do-ers. They learn the hard way and they are far more skilled than the ones who just read and theorize.
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