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There are two factor for success fast
In fact if we want success we need accept our fails more and more.
Ready to learn new lessons from our fails.
System proven
Follow exact system that prove by other success with it.
Because anything that you want do, always have other people do it and success with it.
So copy and do until success.
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    There is actually no short cut for success. You need to work hard and give your complete effort for being successful. In the way of success, failure is must. If we want to follow the way in which others got their success, that way may not work for us. Because, every one has to face different circumstances, even for the same work.

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    Great factors!
    It is true that there are no short cuts for success. It's just a matter of how you give your effort. Failure is always been part of a man's success and I know that in every successful person they learn from all those failure that commit.

    Falling down 9 times and standing up 10 times is a real success.
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    To success fast, you need to quickly learn as much as possible and use your method as fast as possible. Only through hardwork in educating and practicing, will you reach the next level.

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    True, but you can learn from the mistakes you experienced. And do not stop instead keep going till you succeed.
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    Success never come in a day.
    One need to work hard for that. Easy success that comes quickly never can not be the proper solution.
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    The first step on how to become rich fast is having a complete grasp of what you want to have.
    1.Determine exactly what you want.
    2.Picture them in your mind, better yet, write them down.
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    There is only 1 way to reach success fast..... ACTION!

    Rent this space.

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    plz tell me how can i success as a freelancer...
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      That's right. I would like to add another thing: Take action! Read and study, and when ready - take action. Don't over-study anything.

      Take ACTION!

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      Originally Posted by nooman View Post

      plz tell me how can i success as a freelancer...
      If you want to succeed as a freelancer you need to signup first with either oDesk or Elance. Happy freelancing!
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    Yes it's easier to follow a proven system. Why re-invent something which is already proven to work! I agree that fails make us stronger, because we learn from them.
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      Yeah, some guys on this way.
      Let you courage to take action.
      Don't afraid fails.
      "If you action from now more and more you can achieve success soon"
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    that's right, fails and system proven is used to I do
    thanks for sharing
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    there's no instant success, everything needs a process isnt it?
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    Fist you must set a mark for what is considered success
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      Originally Posted by Tyrone3340 View Post

      Fist you must set a mark for what is considered success

      Nice one. ''A mark for what is considered success'' for you. Because people usually have a general idea of what they want to be successful, and not clear target. And that is what makes the path hard to follow, and people just ''live'' on their comfort zone.
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        When people say something that is easy. But in fact many people don't success. When you look yourself nothing that you done. Why? Because you don't really do something. But when you action, fails, change something and action more. That is process for our success. When you do it more as you can, for enough factor of your success, that mean no problem long time or short time for your success.
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    If anyone want to succeed fast it very easy because you just need to work on yourself more than you do on your job. Its simple as ABC
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    Real, long-lasting success usually comes from weeks, months and even years of continuous systematic effort. There aren't shortcuts on this marathon. Don't try to make it a sprint.
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    Passion and pigheaded determination and discipline!
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    I think there is no way to become successful in abrupt it is a process and it takes a lot time, sacrifices, endeavor and failures.
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    Learn from mistakes is best option to get success. There is no short cuts of success. Go slow steady and win the race. Success come to those, who do work hard.
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    Success = Focus ( Follow + One + Course + Until + Success ! )
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    success requires staying focus, being consistent and perseverance.
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    fast is quite relative here, but the more you work(with the right methods) the faster you get the success, that's true
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    success is one decision away from been successful, the quicker you can decide
    what you want to do, the sooner will be your success, decision is 95% , other 5% is the activity follow with the decision.
    the result will determine how hard you go within yourself, this is why its very important to build personal development, what ever is within, is what will
    come out you.
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    There isn't (usually) a shortcut to success...

    In order to achieve success, in case you continue to fail:

    1. perseverance: don't give up!
    2. variate your activity: try new things, new techniques
    3. take a break and forget about everything, then return to your table to work!
    4. be open to new trends, new conditions: what once worked, might not work again!
    5. exchange experience with others... learn from others - what would someone successful, smart, well-documented do?
    6. do jogging, do sports - helps relieve stress, refreshes the mind, builds up self-esteem
    7. you need passion - if you don't have passion, swap for something that you have enough passion for!
    8. take rest - don't overwork, overload yourself: someone who rests enough can work far better than someone else who overworks, overexhausts!
    9. learn from the mistakes of the past
    10. be open and read about new success stories: new opportunities might be right in front of you, your just need to discover them!
    11. make sure your goals are realistic, you shouldn't be daydreaming!
    12. see yourself victorious
    13. constantly learn more and more and more, you never know enough, just more than some of you!
    >> knowledge is power, knowledge beats competition, knowledge is worth a fortune!
    14. don't just do routine: it's not just mechanical routine that brings you to success, but unique ideas!
    15. get yourself loved: people who love us motivate us!
    16. don't let yourself manipulated, influenced by those who are saying, "don't do it", "you are an idiot", "quit now"... etc.
    17. life is a nice, serious GAME: it's a game, it's not a tragedy... play and it will be fun! (no matter how hard it might be at one given moment in time!)
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    yeah to succeed fast....ummmm no such thing?

    Well there is a saying that goes:
    "There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going!"

    I think that in this day and age...with the internet and ADD and getting things instantly...well that has proven to be a crutch...and detrimental to your mind-set....if you're trying to make money online, then you need to have brass balls and tons of persistence.

    Yeah you can shortcut your your way to success, but that is only if you follow someone who is already successful at what you want to do. Just model them and do what they do.

    However, there are no shortcuts. You must spend time and money and sweat and tears to move out of your state boredom and get out of your comfort zone.

    I do agree with the dude posting this...in that....you must fail your way to success. I believe that's what he meant. In other words. most people think that if they start any type of business, online or offline, that if they fail...then it's all over. Ah quite the contrary. Nobody gets a home run first up at bat.

    You fail your way to success, you learn from your failures and move forward and keep going. That is the same thing I've heard every successful entrepreneur say to me. Most people don't think like that. They think that if they fail...then they're a failure and it's over. Not true.

    And his 2nd part....systems...well yeah that is a no-brainer.
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    There's not fast way to success . That success would be lost soon . success must be achieved on the long run
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