Let your daily habits propel your life

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How many of you does work on your habits? Cultivating good ones, Eliminating bad ones?

I think having a set of good habits with little or no bad habits forms a pillar for me to do proper things and motivate myslf.

What do you think?
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  • If you love what you are doing you will definitely prosper and succeed. Work because you are alive not work because you need to stay alive.
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    Yap you are true. But most of the people do not understand what is right and what is wrong.
    So you also need to know the difference between right and wrong.
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    I'm working on it, trying to kick the bad habits but you know, sometimes old habits die hard. Discipline and determination is required.
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    I start to see results and changes when I started off implementing good habits that promote success. You just need to act on it and stop contempleting why.
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    I'm working on my bad habits, which is watching to much television... And how hard it is now, when OL in London just arrived...
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    Working out everyday. Physical activity encourages mental activity.
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    my habit by working at the computer makes me happy about my work, sometimes when it does not touch the computer once a day it was missed
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    yes after read the power of less from leo balbauta, i think habits is the key to get success

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    I find myself getting used to everything I do for a longer period of time. Be it reading books, watching TV, working online, whatever, if I do something for longer, I almost get addicted.

    So, why not get addicted to the good things, create good habits and simply eliminate the bad ones?
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