Balance is One Key not only to Business Success, but Total Life Prosperity

by aw
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Have you ever wondered why many of you have bought seemingly awesome products and money making systems, yet still struggle to build the sustainable "dream business"? I've been there, believe me.

I mean really... why does this happen repeatedly for so many people? What is really going on?

If this is you, I would strongly suggest that what you are lacking is balance in both your business and overall life.

Let me first tell you what I have come through experience to believe. I personally believe the path to achieving true success requires putting God first, others second, and myself last. This runs counter-intuitive to the "look out for number one" mantra that we hear so often today in our society.

However (again this is for me), I also believe that both God and others are greatly involved in my online marketing business ...that is if I have the right mindset and priorities.

It is very easy to slip into what is known as "seeking riches". I have surely been guilty of this in the past.

Many of you like myself have dreams of providing well for your spouse, children, and other family members, as well contributing to charities. These noble goals absolutely qualify as putting God and others first when doing business. Keep this all in mind.

Now what do I mean by balance?

Balance means that there are many elements that make up true success and prosperity. True prosperity is so much more than being financially wealthy. I am sure you know that there really are a large number of miserable, selfish, tightfisted wealthy people in the world. They drive fancy cars, live in mansions, want for nothing materially, but are devoid of spirit.

I don't know about you, but I never want to go down that path!

What I have found is that when I remain in a balanced mindset, and apply this to my business by balancing my real activities, I not only feel better but my business performs a lot better.

Life comes out of our Spirits not our Minds!

Did you know that your life literally comes out of your spirit? I am not going to get mystical or religious on you here but I want to ask you a question ... a vital one? Are you feeding your spirit every day by spending your best time on personal development and improving your relationships. Or rather are you spending little to no time on these things and just "working" your business.

As I already discussed, money no matter how much is just not enough folks to achieve true life success. True prosperity requires continual growth, both improvement of our skills & abilities, but also development of our sense of purpose as well as our capacity to serve others. Now don't get me wrong, having financial resources is a crucial element.

But if we focus too much on on making money, and "seeking riches", we actually move ourselves away from what's really important in life. We lose our right perspective. And this ultimately leads to misery, by not becoming selfish and not living up to our full potential. Sure we may be able to "figure it out" and manage to become financially wealthy by toiling and seeking riches, but without properly balancing our time and our attention on the different elements required for true prosperity, we really hurt ourselves and our loved ones along the way (and in the end).

However, if we balance our lives with proper order, we can not only reach our financial goals but have success in these other critical areas as well...home and family life, other relationships, etc. Why? Because we didn't merely seek money but gave the other elements our attention and passion.

Again my personal story... I am Christian, a believer in God. But I wasn't always for the first three quarters of my life. I was brought up Jewish, and now a Jewish Christian (yes that is quite possible and becoming more common). Now this is not about trying to convert anyone ...all beliefs are welcomed here, but I do personally refer to the Bible for wisdom because I have found it to work. One very awesome proverb says that "there is a way that seems right to a man that leads to death."

Yes ... death! Seems a bit strong right? Both interesting and haunting isn't it? But like other proverbs, I have discovered this to be absolutely true. Sometimes even when we really think we are doing the right thing, it takes us down the wrong path. That is why we have to be very careful, remain humble, learn from experience, and remain open to wisdom. We can't always lead ourselves and succeed. We are not designed to be islands and achieve true prosperity.

I can humbly speak from experience about being too focused on money.
What I do now and believe will work for anyone is to spend the first part of my day ... everyday, working on personal development and remembering why I am really in business in the first place.

What is your personal mission and purpose? I heard very recently that a man can survive in life and even prosper without a mother, without a father, without a college degree, etc. but without a vision he will die.

So listen to personal development audios daily, read personal development books, and also blog/journal. You can find them all over the internet, often for free. Do all three when you can. But do at least one PD activity daily. Also, do it first everyday not last, before you begin your daily work routine. This is putting things in proper order. Understand that your personal development will enable you to serve others more effectively.

Find resources that motivate you, build your skills, and speak to your spirit in an authentic way. Train yourself to think of others' needs first and focus on serving them. You need to continue to develop a servant's attitude, and a servant's heart because we are not meant to be islands. If you remain faithful and consistent, the results will absolutely astound you. Your life will change and continue to transform for the better.

Some of you won't listen to this advice and will have to go around the mountain a few more times before you discover the vital importance of this wisdom. It took me a while to see, and on occasion I still need to "be reminded".

Feed your spirit first, and then work your business. Within just a couple of weeks you will be very surprised how much easier things in your business will flow, and how much of a more positive and relaxed mindset you will have throughout your entire day. You'll actually get more done in less time and see better results.

But there is another BIG piece to the "balance" equation. Once you are putting personal development activities every single day FIRST, you need to answer another vital question. Is the system and products you are working with right now in your business truly allowing for the the best possible use of your time and energy? Do you have a strong solid long term business plan or is it likely that in the coming weeks or months you are going to want to start a new project because this one has lost its attraction.

If you suffer from the "switch" syndrome, please listen closely. It is very critical that you are able to leverage your time and efforts to the fullest. It is necessary to create both regular cash flow while at the same time be building a long term growing residual income. Not all systems can really produce both these results. So be wise. Forget about focusing on making the quick buck and stop buying more and more products to try to "find the magic bullet". You are looking in the wrong way for a solution which is likely the reason for your struggles.

If you are not making money online easily, by building both cash flow and long term residual income, then you are doing something wrong. Yes, I said with ease. Making money online is actually not hard. After personally experiencing it, I realize there are many harder things in life. You just have to be taking the correct steps, which are very simple, and stay focused and committed to repeatedly doing them daily. That's really all. Anyone can do it.

Here are 7 daily Steps that Always Lead a Person to True Prosperity and a Balanced Fulfilled Life (Doing all seven are critical):

1) Spend time on Personal Development at least once daily and do this first (whether it's 20 minutes or an hour). The key is consistency. Read, listen to inspiring audios, and also blog or journal. Ideally repeat this two additional times daily once in the afternoon and just before bed.
2) Serve another in your home in a simple but sincerely loving way. Focus on their true needs during this time, rather than your own.
3) Be working the "Right" Business. Make sure it is fulfilling what I discussed in this post. Do business with love and a servant's heart.
4) Exercise at least 20 minutes everyday
5) Eat healthy everyday
6) Maintain a clean uncluttered home and working environment (which includes organizing your computer files and backing them up weekly for peace of mind)
7) Get enough rest

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Annie and me

Andrew Devore

Skype: andrew-devore (all questions welcomed)
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  • Profile picture of the author Kragsig
    Hi Andrew!

    Wow that's a long thread. I needed some good time to make you a reasonable comment.

    Providing wealth for all your loved ones is also a dream for me. How fun is it to be the richest man if you don't share all the pleasures with anyone?

    I really agree with you that true prosperity is so much more than being financially wealthy. Not all rich people are happy! But they're just human beings as everyone else.

    I have great respect for those people who build their own prosperity from the bottom. They all took consistant action which placed them where they are now. They are all great inspiration for me and what can be more motivating than this?

    Improvement of our skills & abilities are a must to succeed in every business. This also counts for the IM niche. I can say it for myself that it has been a tough learning curve with several mistakes along the road. I'm still learning and still making mistakes, but finally I have passed all the beginner mistakes, I hope

    Personally I don't believe that all your success is because of God; I believe YOU are the author for writing your own success! The 7 steps you share are absolutely genius! This is not the usual steps everyone in here mention time after time, but I really think they are even more important, cause the most important thing in life is to have prosperity and wealth on the homefront.

    Making my first money online was very hard and it took some years. But as you say there are much harder things in life and taking all the correct steps, "offline", in you're everyday life can be much harder. You need to find out how to plan your day with your work and family.

    Thanks for a great article. I really hope lots of warriors take their time to read it.

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  • Profile picture of the author speedbird
    Yes I agree with you that life growth requires continues improvement of our abilities, skills and talents.
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  • Profile picture of the author KickAss Marketing
    Making God the center of our life is the Key to our successful life that includes family, business, friends, and more. If you are doing everything for Him, God will definitely give you your hearts desire and sometimes more that what you asked for.
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    • Profile picture of the author aw
      Originally Posted by Don Adrian View Post

      Making God the center of our life is the Key to our successful life that includes family, business, friends, and more. If you are doing everything for Him, God will definitely give you your hearts desire and sometimes more that what you asked for.
      Wow, you don't see this written on the warrior forum too often. But I wholeheartedly agree with this! How about someone else....
      ALL NEW INFO! A Professional Quality FREE Video Course on the How and Why of Bitcoin & How to Earn Hundreds Daily. PM ME
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  • Profile picture of the author Evocess
    Whoa! Very wonderful!
    It is true that we make money because of our family, business, friends, etc. Making God the center of your life is the most essential thing to your success.

    Money is everything to someone's life. I think many of us (including me) seek for money. I seek for money because one of my greatest dream in life is to push human kind and help others that need a financial support.

    Your 7 daily Steps that Always Lead a Person to True Prosperity and a Balanced Fulfilled Life are really BRILLIANT!
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  • Profile picture of the author Odahh
    I i agree with a lot of what you say..but the common view of the service order has been screwed over 2 thousand years of translation ..

    to serve god the best you must love yourself . because you are made in the image of god .. from there you are to love others as you love yourself ..and when you serve others you serve yourself in the process .

    now the typical selfish model is a model based off of you trying to serve yourself to fill the whole that is there because you are trying to get the love that you should be giving yourself .. from something out there .. or from someone else ..

    and the self work and personal development should be based around how to give yourself more ways to serve others a way that is rewarding in more than just financial ways ..

    god was very please by the man he gave a few talents to ..who turned them into many.. and he cast the man who hid his talents ..away ..

    find and nurture the talents god gave you and grow them in number ..

    and remeber also when moses asked what to call god .. God answered .. I am ..

    when you use the words I am .. your making a statement as god so be very mindful of the words you use.
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  • Profile picture of the author Odahh
    Now i ramble on have to be careful of how you serve or try to serve others ..If you read the gospels Jesus did not run around making himself feel better by tossing money into poor peoples cups or making them a little better.. he saw them completely healed and helped them heal themselves ..listen to his words .. he was only a catalyst for others to heal themselves ..

    so the ideal service is to help others help themselves ..not be there to hand someone a fish every day ..
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  • Profile picture of the author jakebvs85
    Awesome advice. I really believe that putting God first in all things will make you succeed life. Thanks for that words of wisdom.
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  • Profile picture of the author faithyunn
    I think in order to have a balance life you must pud God into the center of your life, if you have God it'll works within you and indeed guide you and enlighten you in everything you do.
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  • Profile picture of the author conanedo
    I love your writing, keeping me on track.. Because for many years there is only two important things in my mind: me and money

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  • Profile picture of the author Ninja Ana
    Awesome.. I like the principle behind your long thread. I totally agree that life is all about the state of equilibrium or balance. For me, my equilibrium is God and my family. All are interconnected with these two parameters in my daily life.
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