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It is my firm belief that every individual has a responsibility to fulfill his or her potential and become what he or she is capable of becoming. People who positively address themselves to a certain project, individuals who focus their attention and thoughts on a specific program with this purpose in mind seem to be the ones who enjoy the highest level of joy, happiness, and contentment.

If, as individuals, you establish your goals, make your decisions, take actions, select alternatives in a manner that will not only help you to accomplish your immediate needs and desires, but also contribute to the longer range purpose of fulfilling the potential of your family, your groups and your social network, then you will personally be able to take responsibility for initiating a chain of events that will enable each person, each group of people to find the path smoother, easier, and far happier.

Every person,regardless of background, education, age, race, color, or creed has great dormant potential in many areas such as sport, business, success, finance, leadership, relationship, happiness, health, etc.

If you want something, believe that you have it without inner doubt and it will come about then you will be well along the path to achieving your full potential.
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    Good Thoughts , as my Mentor Joe Schroeder has said"The FIRST ABILITY of POWER is to be AWARE that YOUR OWN POWER EXISTS". Sadly, there are far too many folks today who either ignore this or are unaware of this.

    Yes, as you said : "Every person,regardless of background, education, age, race, color, or creed has great dormant potential "

    We NEED to FIND a ay To AWAKEN folks to Their POTENTIAL!

    Matt Geib
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    What a powerful message. When you put your thought power to work, it's impossible to even imagine what you can become and create.

    One of the things that helped me break through was finally realizing that I have a responsibility to become everything I could be. That responsibility isn't to me...it's what I owe other people. Who am I robbing by not getting my message out? What am I taking away from the world by not sending out positive vibrations?

    Acceptance, focus, intent -- and positive energy -- can change the whole world.
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    You have some excellent thoughts. thanks for this share. It is very true that every one of us has a responsibility to fulfill thus we must have the potential to act on that responsibilty. Thus, it makes us mature in the same manner.
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    Yes, every individual have their own responsibilities to handle. Just like me my responsibility is to pursue my studies while working at home. It is very nice to hear people saying that you are very good beause you really do your responsibility as a person.

    Hi! I am Reynald Laque Logan | Reynald Logan Dreams, 22 years old. Living in Dumaguete City “The City of Gentle People.” I am a pure Filipino Citizen. I am a Freelance Provider preferably working at oDesk.

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    I think everything all boils down to self worth. I'm really amazed with people from developing countries who do not let their country's economic condition affect what they really want to be someday. Keep up the good work Reynald.
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    We are all programed to succeed. We just get in our own way.
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    We all are here on this earth for a purpose. And that is to make this planet beautiful helping one another to achieve our dreams and desires. That is the main purpose for which God Created us. But..man...how we sometimes mess it up.

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