A Few Things That Have Changed My Life

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There are very few things out there that I can testify have truly changed me and reframed how I think about life and have pretty much impacted me in such a way that has significantly affected the success I have had in my life.

However...below are a list of few of these things

#1 Article on StevePavlina.com --> Money and the Law of Attraction
Really reframed how I think about money and raised the level of what I used to think was a comfortable amount in my bank account and wallet

#2 The Battle Plan on AffiliateBully.com --> Battle Plan
André breaks it down very simply how little one actually needs to make a day to live and enjoy that ideal lifestyle they so desire

#3 The 4-Hour Workweek book by Tim Ferris --> Amazon.com: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated) (9780307465351): Timothy Ferriss: Books
Again, reframed how I think in the sense of how little it really takes to live the lifestyle most people want. You can indeed live like a "millionaire" for significantly less

#4 Jim Rohn CD - Building Your Network Marketing Success "Profits are better than wages" --> Amazon.com: Building Your Network Marketing Business: Jim Rohn: MP3 Downloads
Excellent primer to get you in a great mindset if you're thinking about getting into Network Marketing

#5 Brian Tracy - Increasing Your Income 1000% Formula
A great technique for improving yourself a little bit each day

#6 Tim Sales - What People Buy on Payday video Originally this was made by Tim Sales, but some guy ripped him off. However, the script is still word for word, and I couldn't find the one with Tim Sales online

#7 Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Home Study Kit - currently on sale for 68% off --> bit.ly/62Ovhb
Just something everyone should go through - an excellent resource for learning how to dump debt and budget correctly
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    Great info. Anything that helps your self-improvement is invaluable and in my opinion one of the greatest investments on can ever make. Thanks for sharing.
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      Thank you for sharing. Lots of great information and inspiration here.
      "Teachers can open the door, but you must enter by yourself." ~Chinese Proverb
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    Thank you so much for posting these! Steve Pavlina's article on financial relativity makes a lot of sense. It was interesting for me to see how I felt about charging $500 an hour to a client. Not too bad actually. But $24,000? Wow.
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    I will not give you a chief thanks ,
    Wanna say mind blowing your thread.
    It prove your intelligence and patience .
    Now I am setting my mind for IM,and you are my inspire.
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    I'm just going to read 4-Hour Workweek, so I'll let you guys know about my points of view after finishing reading it!
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    Thank you for sharing these info. I will study them. Hope to learn a lot.

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    Thank you for all these inspirational links. Other book that inspire me is the Art of War by
    Gen Sun Tzu.
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  • Profile picture of the author Changing Man
    Must admit I am a bit of a self help nut. The main thing is to implement their advice and take action. As Anthony Robbins says in Awaken The Giant Within - "If you read this book and fail to use it, its like buying a powerful new computer and never taking it out of the box".
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    wow this tips is really powerful thanks you a lot
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    I've heard only good things about Tim Ferris's books. Would people that have read it say that it is only motivational or that it also provides practical tips?
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    Really nice, thanks for sharing
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    Great stuff
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    I have just finished writing my ebook and want to sell it online,I have no idea about how to do it from scrach, do I need a website,sales page and the others,I really need an expert to take me true.Thank you
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    Great information .... and very inspirational ...

    The videos are really good and inspiring..

    1000% formula is good and practical.. I will try it..

    The wealth formula about the Assets is Interesting and useful

    Thank you for Sharing the good info..
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