Why Failures Provide Encouragemnt and Determination for You to Succeed

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Why You Should Consider Failure a Formula for Success?

When something goes terribly wrong, what's the first thing you think about?

Do you blame yourself. Or do you comfor yourself that you are becoming more capable and experienced wih each obstacle you encounter?

I's not the successes that make you a stronger, more successful person. The truth is failures are what make you more tenacious and skillful.

Each failure you have is really a success. You are probably reading this in disbelief. Why, you ask? Because it gives you the chance to progress, comprehend and do it over again. In other words, failures provide you more encouragment and determination to succeed.

Let's take a look at a couple of the world's greatest product failures that lead to the some of the most universal inventions of our time.

Formula 409 got its name. Because the first 408 formulations didn't work. In fact, lots of very successful products were the result of previous failures.

Angry Birds became an overnight success...after 51 failures. Thats right, Rovio produced 51 other games before hitting it big with Angry Birds. Can you name any of the 51 games Rovio produced before Angry Birds? I doubt it. No one remembers failures. And that is a good thing. It means your reputation is not irreparably harmed by failures.

Read this article about famous product failures that became brilliant and overnight sucesses: How Early Product Failures Led to Huge Successes

Don't misunderstand me. These examples don't necessarily mean that each failure you endure will result in an instant success. But rather it's a learning experience or stepping-stone to your path to success.

You Need to Appreciate the Lessons Failure Provide

Thomas Edison had an extremely positive attitude about regarding failures and setbacks. When he was questioned as to why so many of his exeriments were failures, he responded by saying that he never had a failure in any of his experiments, rather, each experiment helped him discover another way that something would not work. In reality, sometimes the only way to know whether you've succeeded is to fail.

Check out this article about famous people who endured disappointing failures before achieving great success, 16 Most Inspiring Famous Failures.

Learning How to Handle Setbacks

Dealing with the blow of failure can be difficult for adults as well as for children. But everyone endures a failure at some point in their lives and teaching our children how to react to failures and obstacle is crucial to their well-being and development.

Having a hysterical outburst at any age is not appealing. So envision an adult who should know better. Can you imagine a young adult, either a teen or college student, enduring their first failure in the workplace?

1. Learning Success is an amazing feeling, but failing enlightens you and is a learning experience. Why are failures a more meaningful learning experience than successes. Because when you get something wrong and you immediately determine the fundamental reason why it was failure.

2. Encouragement As a child what did you do when you failed at something? You tried over and over again. Each time you probabily said to yourself. I am going to get it right this time! What better incentive do you need?

3. Modesty Can you envision what life would be like if no one ever failed and we all believed we were flawless or supreme beings. No one is perfect or infallible and failure reminds you about that reality.

Remember the inspiring and wise words of Winston Churchill who said, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

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    These are all good points and after seeing your first example of a famous person I immediately began looking for the word "light bulb" in your post OP.

    It's sad though that most people quit after their first few failures. I mean I am sure they have plenty of resons for quitting while their ahead but it's kinda tragic really if they were 'oh so close' yet couldn't see it through.

    Another thing I'd like to add that you'll never see stuff like this in public school or taught by teachers. In my own experience of course I have only come across this stuff on the internet.
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    Hi Dania

    I really enjoyed reading this. I have had a lot of failures in my live trying to find a way to make a living with something I enjoyed doing and at some point I really thought that I was cursed. I am glad that at some point I managed to turn my failures into succes and benefit from the many struggles I had before by staying resilient and never giving up. Now looking back I think that if I would not have had these failures, I would not have grown to be where I am today. I dont feel cursed anymore, and I am glad that I can think back about this frame of mind as being part of a selfdevelopment process where I felt sorry for myself not succeeding. Gladly I stopped this self pity and continued to try and find my path. Once you do find this way of thinking and you allow yourself to acknowledge you are not perfect and will make mistakes you are already half way there. Good read dania, will check out your blog for more of these types of "thruths".
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    Good information Dania1021

    I think the hardest thing when facing failure is the bouncing back part in which you need to accept that your efforts have not reap the desired rewards, and to increase your hunger to continue trying.

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