The Marijuana Productivity Experiment

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July 31st. 1pm.

Me and my buddy Kush are breaking in the morning at my place.We've got a spliff lying around and he wants to get high. I want to do some work.

Kush, unrelenting as usual, says to me, "You know what I do when I need to do intense study for a test?".

"What?", came my sarcastic reply, already expecting the answer and thinking he was joking.

"I get high, sit down, and focus". I guess Kush must have read the incredulity in my face, because he elaborated; "No, really. If you get high with the intent to get something done, and you don't sidetrack yourself, you'll ace it."

I was still incredulous, but always willing to try something new and awesome out. Especially if it helps me be productive. So I accepted his claim as a challenge, and so was born...

The Marijuana Productivity Experiment

The Hypothesis:
Getting high with the intent of being productive on specific tasks, will lead to an uber-productive session.

The Plan:
Hot box my closet-like bathroom. Go fuel up on good food. Get to internet and make shit happen.

The Targets:
Write 2 Chill Hookah Articles
Edit Asymmetrical about page
Make today's pst for the Make Money Blogging Experiment
Write another Hookah Article
Read Education of Millionaires

I significantly over planned, in case this turned me into a superhuman of productivity and I didn't want to have to stop and plan.

The Break Down:
Only read if you're interested in a good story. Skip to "The Result" if you just wanna know the results. Caveat: I forgot to record times xP

Getting (very) High:
After nearly dying in my steam and smoke filled, 3 foot squared bathroom, me and Kush tumbled out and gasped in the fresh air.

This was potent weed, given to me by my shaman-like friend Edgar, and I had rarely/never been this high before.

Getting (literally) High:
Then the sidetracking started. I was inexorably drawn to the outdoors at my front porch, and was breathing in the fresh air and sunlight when Kush swaggered up behind me.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered that I wanted to be productive this high. But I knew that I was at the most intense and mind-changing part of the high, and now was not the time.

Then Kush looked at the huge tree on my front lawn and said, "Dude. We must climb this tree."

I whole heartedly agreed, and immediately raced to the tree and jumped up. I had climbed once before with my companion Melanie, and I once again got up to the aprox1.5 meter high point I had found before with her.

Kush joined me, and told me to. Go. Higher.

Now, there's something I haven't told you about Kush...

Read it up at the blog
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