NLP Frame Control and Integrity Principles

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I have been an NLP Trainer since 2006 when I received my NLP Trainers certification From John Overdurf. We trained in Phoenix next to Milton Ericson’s Home.

I am just finishing up of a product that is sure to make things easier for your Internet marketing and offline business.

The product will show you how to apply the laws of frame control in your internet marketing, copywriting, sales presentations, and how you can use frame control to help end procrastination, writers block, fatigue, and stress.

If you are stuck and you are tired of some negative states and would rather swish into a “Go for it state” then I think you will like this program.
Other topics we will be discussing are how to build trust, integrity, discipline, and character into our marketing.

These are principles dear to my heart, and, if you notice, they are not talked about much in online marketing.

I am looking for 10 people to honestly review the product. And for Affiliates to help me promote this launch. If you are an affiliate with at least 100 sales on the warrior forum I and are willing to help me promote this product you qualify for a review copy as well.

I am curious if you are interested in a review copy, promoting the product launch, or both.

If so then please be so kind as to reply to this post.
I will PM you back with the details.

Warm Regards

Mark Bradley
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